Saturday, December 12, 2009


Tonight was full of Christmas cheer. We met up with some friends, and walked around Greenlake for their pathway of lights.

They put luminaries on both sides of the pathway around the lake. The groups of carol singers foster the Christmas cheer around the lake as does the Starbucks hot chocolate (or coffee, pick your poison). People dress up wearing Christmas hats, and adorn baby strollers, and even dogs with twinkle lights. This night also provides an opportunity to show off flashing Christmas earings or broaches in all their glaring glory!

After the walk, Jeremy and I came home and I took him up on his offer to watch a Christmas movie - I think he forgot when he made the offer that by nature most Christmas movies are sappy, and many star Sandra Bullock and/or Hugh Grant! After many suggestions he conceded to watch on 'Love Actually'. Jeremy had never seen it before (I know, how could I have married him without checking that he had at least a few lines from this movie committed to memory?!)

It was a wonderful Christmas evening. It is one I would like to reproduce in the years to come.

Since I moved to Seattle, I have spent many of my Christmas seasons overseas with teams for YWAM. As Jeremy and I start our married life together we have been considering the traditions we want to embrace. Walking in the candlelight, bundled up warm with hot drinks in hand is one tradition we want to remember for next year.

As Christmas approaches in the years to come what will be the things we'll look forward to?

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