Sunday, January 10, 2010


This morning had a very early start, Jeremy and I were up and at Seatac airport by 7.30am. We were both flying out at around 9am, but going in different directions. Jeremy headed to Atlanta for a week-long work training and I headed to San Diego to hang out with my friend Amy and her kids.

It was nice that we were able to arrange our flights to leave at similar times because I ended up needing Jeremy to hold my hand while I fought some unanticipated travel anxiety. He took me right to my gate and waited until the last minute to leave me and find his our departure gate.

I am not sure I was having anxiety just about the travelling but more about the separation from him. I know I managed for many years to deal with what life though at me by myself, but in the past year I have come to depend on Jeremy as my support, my comfort, my caregiver just to name a few. As an independent person, it wasn't a simple transition to let guards and walls and whatever else down to let someone in and care for me, but over time he proved himself to be trustworthy. I have to need that "other half" in my life and the idea of having a week without it seems daunting.

Suddenly something seems missing. I am used to falling asleep and waking up together. The routine of life, the ease of being together. Knowing he will always and forever take care of me the best way he can. I miss him already and its been 12 hours...

It was a fun afternoon here in San Diego and I am loving being with Amy, Emma and Abby. I know it will be a special week of some pretty serious girl time and I am looking forward to it but still its not easy being apart.

At least where I am missing Jeremy is 70 degrees and sunny, he has to miss me during long days of training and freezing ice storms.

Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? I think we'll find over the next 5 days.

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