Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Perfect Peony

Isn't this just perfect?

I am pretty sure Seattle has forgotten that it it supposed to be sunny in the summer. We have had a few beautiful days but now it's back to the rain. I guess the one thing that doesn't mind the rain is the garden, our plants have never looked so lush and green!

Yesterday I saw that the first of my peony blooms had opened. I decided it was too beautiful to stay outside (in the rain) so I cut it an brought it in. Add one old maple syrup bottle and voila, beautiful window sill!

We had our small group over for dinner and we grilled out - the rain even waited to shower until our burgers were done. Dinner prep was made even sweeter by the aroma of the sweet peony that wafted by as I chopped and diced for the potato salad!


  1. Lovely! And also amazing because peonies bloomed here back in early May! What a difference the weather makes.

  2. Hi Chrissie! Your peony is beautiful! They are one of my favorite spring flowers... So old-fashioned and delicious! - I just read your last post about marriage and making room in your schedule, and I say "amen"! I was so encouraged by it, and so agree with it. It DOES seem like you have to sacrifice a whole lot at first. But in a way you're building a whole new life together, so it makes sense that much of the old has to go - if just for a time - to make room for the "us" in your life now. I applaud your decision and know that you won't regret it for a moment! One thing that my sweet hubby and I have done nearly every single week since we got married 11 years ago, is have a date night. Our Fridays are nearly untouchable - if something comes up, then we'll make it another day of the week, but generally we guard it with our lives! It is SO good to have a predictable day that we can look forward to connecting on. It's not always expensive either - might just be headed up a mountain to view a sunset or to a coffee shop for their coffee of the day. But it does usually involve getting out of the house. There are just so many possible distractions here.- Anyway, this is getting WAY too long for a comment, but just wanted you to know how much I connect w/ what you're going through on this score.- Hope you have a WONDERFUL time camping this weekend! Talk with you later - and thanks for becoming a Kindred Spirit over at Windy Poplars :-) I'm delighted to have you!

  3. Chrissie! LOVE your peony, it's become my new favorite flower. :)



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