Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I took a different bus to work this morning and got to ride with a lovely elderly Asian man. He sat down and smiled across at me, the biggest smile and sweetest smile. I smiled back and as I did he reached down into his bag and pulled out a sheet of folded newspaper which he skillfully crafted into a bird. He showed me how by pulling the tail, the wings flapped up and down, and then he reached over and handed it to me. In his broken English he told me it was a bird of peace. I thanked him and put it in my bag.

We only rode together for a few blocks but by the time I got off, my bird of peace had been joined by a swan and another object which I think has something to do with the sun?! AS I said, he had limited English to explain so there was lots of hand motions and I think that is what he was trying to say! He had also gifted some creations to others on the bus.

I am not sure why this made me so happy, but it felt like a special way to start the day.

As per usual at this time of the year, when bikini season feels imminent (although in Seattle, we seem to have a little more wait time this year!) I am making more of an effort to keep fit and to eat well. I love to cook and so I am going to be sharing and rating some of the things I am making. So tonight, this is what is on the menu Corn and Summer Vegetable Saute I will be adding a little grilled chicken because are having it for dinner. With all this menu making I am inspired to create a chalk board in my kitchen to post the weekly menu on!


  1. good idea about the chalk board. I was just thinking yesterday it would be nice to have some sort of calendar where I put the menu, keep track of when we eat out, etc, along with how long it would take to prepare, so i know to start cooking by 5, etc! let me know if you find a good buy!

  2. Actually I was thinking of getting some chalk board paint, and find an old picture from at Good will. Attach the frame to the wall and paint. Ta da! my very own blackboard

  3. Just catching up on your blog! You're posts always make me think and smile :)

  4. oohh you are just so blooming creative :) I bought myself a huge calendar that has space for 5 people or five columns of things for each day of the week and I use one for maggie, me, steve, spud, and then one for our menu...I don't always stick to the menu but it is so easy to just glance at it the night before get the stuff out of the freezer/defrost/ and then cook when I get a spare 10 minutes. With Maggie it is so hard to have a proper meal any other way...plus we save a fortune on groceries as I have a set list instead of a see and grab situation (although being as hungry as I am lately I do still see and grab lol) but yes definately let me know how your meals turn out I love trying new things! xx



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