Friday, October 12, 2012

2 months old and getting shots :(

On Wednesday Levi had his 2 month check up at the pediatrician. He is doing great and growing like a weed. He already weighs 12.11lbs and is 24 inches long. This puts him in the 50th percentile for weight and the 85th percentile for height!! I have a feeling that in the future finding trousers for him that are long enough but that are not falling off his lack of bum will be tricky! He out grows his clothes lengthwise all the time. We just had to pack away his 0-3month footsie jammies because he was too long for them and couldn't fully straighten his legs anymore! ha ha! He is mostly wearing 0-3 month clothes now, but he's in 3 month+ PJ's.We still have a hard time finding socks that fit because he has skinny little legs that don't keep them up :)

He is a monster napper in the daytime when he in the swing. He sleeps 2.5 - 3 hours a few times a day and cat naps inbetween. He will usually fall asleep in the stroller or the carseat in the car, he seems to like the motion. That might explain why his napping is so successful in the swing. I hope that we can break the swing nap habit when we take our trip at the end of the month and we don't have access to a swing. I guess the alternative is no napping which could be bad, but we like to parent with the philosophy of "Go big or go home" so here's hoping Levi takes big naps in the pack and play so we don't all go home very, very tired!

He has started to love his activity gym and can spend up to 45 minutes super content looking up, watching everything and hitting at the dangling things but mostly talking to himself in the mirror that is attached to the top of it. It's so cute and his legs do not stop cycling the whole time. He must have so much muscle in his thighs! He also like sitting in his little rocker and again, tapping at the toysthat hang down.

While he is not rolling over yet, he is at a stage where we no longer feel safe to leave him on a high surface. We used to be able to have him on the change table or the ottoman down stairs and leave him for a few seconds to throw the diaper away but now we take him with us. I don't think he is super close to rolling over intentionally but he flails his arms and legs with such speed and intensity that he rolls onto his sides all the time, I am convinced he will flip himself over pretty soon.

He seems to take after his mother in verbal ability because our little fella is a talker. He will sit and coo and babble and if you imitate his noises he does it even more, Jeremy is the best at getting him to talk. Levi thinks the whole thing is hilarious and starts to almost laugh. I am still waiting to hear him full-on giggle, and I cannot wait!! I love his little voice and I really love seeing J being such a goofball. Only his boy can bring out that side of him and it's precious and so, so funny.

Levi is still struggling with gas - which is now so stinky it's insane - he gets gas bubbles that get trapped and cause him pain, and his pooping also changes day to day so he can get pretty uncomfortable with that too, poor guy. The doctor diagnosed 'silent reflux' which might explain the grunting and hard to settle at night. He sleeps peacefully in the swing and he is at an angle, but the bassinet is flat. We are giving him a small dose of some anti reflux medication and we have also raised one end of the bassinet at night to see if it helps. Its so hard when you cant ask them what's wrong. If we don't see a change after a couple of weeks we'll stop the medicine.

Talking of uncomfortable, he also got his first real round of shots at the doctors appointment. I left Jeremy in the room with him because I knew it would be hard for me to hear him so I went to the waiting room and started to schedule our future appointments, however, Levi was loud enough that I could sadly hear exactly what he thought about the injections. He howled. I am so glad I wasn't in the room with him because it brought tears to my eyes hearing the muffled version. I had prepared myself for a fussy baby that afternoon, but he was his usual cheerful self but I shouldn't have breathed that sigh of relief so soon because yesterday on his actual 2 month birthday he woke up very sad. He wasn't able to sleep much longer than 10 minutes at a time all day. He nursed on and off but didn't seem to have much of an appetite. So sad. I gave him some Tylenol which seemed to help a little but he had a rough time falling asleep last night ( we are having a low-key day today, staying home napping by the fire so we can both make up for lost sleep!)

I can't believe he is 2 months old already. I am just now starting to feel like we have a rhythm. I am enjoying life so much more and feeling ever more confident in my ability to care for Levi. I am trying to savor every moment of this fun stage of infnacy, he's such a cutie and makes me smile. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a mother, but specifically to be a mum to this spunky, funny, particular, busy little man.

We love you Buggy!

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