Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Life goes on

Life continues on. I am continuing to adjust to my new role as a stay at home Mum and getting to know my baby boy.

Some days are easier than others. Lots of lessons being learned. I am realising the importance of making a good nap for Levi a priority at least once a day. He can cat nap in place of one of his good day time naps but if he only cat naps all day then he gets overtired and cranky and has a hard time in the evening.

I am also realising simply that I can do less than before. My days used to be jam packed. I thrived on the busier schedule but with Levi along for the ride it is too much to do more than one thing a day at the moment. I try to make sure he and I get outside for at least a little while to enjoy this beautiful fall weather we are having. I think the fresh air is just good for both of us. But being at home, having a familiar place to take those all important naps, is important too. I want to have time just with him, reading singing, being goofy and soaking up this time before it is just a memory. The house also provides quite a 'to do' list that now has to happen during nap time for the most part.

We are so blessed to continue to have meals being brought to us a few times a week by friends from church as we are adjusting to parenthood, but the cleaning, laundry, bill paying etc waits for no man! I want to make time to keep our home a place of comfort for all of us to relax and hopefully be hospitable but finding time for all the things on my list is a challenge!

The other thing on my mind at the moment is losing my final baby weight lbs. I have 15-10 to go and I need them to beat it so I can fit back in my clothes. I am so ridiculously tired of wearing the same few shirts and the same pairs of maternity jeans. I am excited to start actually putting outfits together from choice instead of wearing what's clean!

In more important news let me just gush about my boy for a minute. He is such a joy. Yes, of course as all babies are he has his moments when he is frustrated or grumpy but we are fortunate that those times a few and far between. For the most part we have a pretty laid back little dude who loves to show off his smiling skills and really enjoys telling stories to anyone who will listen. He is having some gas issues at the moment at night which are making him sad and Jeremy and I even sadder. I am trying to massage him at diaper changes to keep things moving during the day so that it doesn't build up. We'll see how that goes. God bless YouTube for all the wonderful Momtips and tutorials that they have.

For mow he is taking a little nap. I can't stop looking at him. I love this kid. All the other stuff is just fluff. Loving this kid well is my job and every day I try to do just that.

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