Friday, September 28, 2012

Rough night :( Pajama day :)

Yuck. Bad night. Poor baby boy was up every hour or so. Just uncomfortable and needing to be rocked or fed to soothe him. I am not sure if he is feeling poorly, if I gave him my cold and this is him trying to figure out what to do with a body that feels yucky.

I have also heard from some seasoned parents that a really bad, out of character night can mean that a baby is about to master a milestone. If that's the case, and the badness of the night is proportionate to the milestone, I can be expecting to see Levi high jumping over the couch later today...or cooking me dinner.

I declared this a pajama day, I changed Levi because of a peeing through the first pair of jammies incident, but I just put him in another cozy pair. I am in sweats so if I have to answer the door I won't scare anyone but I haven't looked in the mirror. It's one of those days. I just don't care.

L just dropped off in the baby swing, poor little guy, he's exhausted but just can't seem to settle for long, so I am going to make the most of it and put my head down on the couch and see if I can't take a little nap too. I am really hoping the motion can allow him (and me) to get a good nap in. Praying hard that we both feel better soon.

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  1. 2 nights ago I had a similar night :-(. No fun at all. Get some rest Momma!



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