Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dear Levi - Three weeks old

Sweet boy,

I can't believe 3 weeks have passed since your birth. On one hand, it feels as though we just went to the hospital yesterday, anticipating your arrival, but on the other hand I can't remember life without you in it, it feels as though you have always been a part of my life.

You are growing big and strong. On Wednesday the doctor weighed you at 9lbs 1oz. I am so happy that you seem to be gaining well because we have had some issues with our breast feeding this week haven't we? Since we met with the lactation consultant you have been very patient as we have practiced our latch technique. You are a fast learner and already I am feeling much less sore and really enjoying our feeding times again, and you seem to love it too.

However, you are not great at staying awake when you are feeding to get a full feed. I am going to start being more intentional to make sure you have that full feed before I stop so that you can nap with a full belly and not wake up just because you are hungry. You seem to have ticklish toes, so I will be using that to my advantage to keep your eyes on the prize when you begin to fade!

Speaking of sleep, you are actually doing much better at night time. You have a grouchy time from abut 9 or 10pm to 12 or 1am which is not that enjoyable for us - especially for Daddy now he is back at work. During this period, you have a hard time settling to sleep and it seems like your gas pains are really bothering you. It's hard to watch you when it looks like you are in pain but we continue to give you Gripe water, which you take like its candy, and that seems to help at least for a little while. Once you have a full tummy you will go to sleep and then do 2.5-3.5 hour stretches only waking to feed in between. We feel so relieved that you are sleeping for this longer stretches.

You much prefer to snuggle with Mummy or Daddy than to sleeping in your bassinet, and often one of us will give in a let you fall asleep in our arms. I think it's partly because you dislike being on your back to sleep. When you are with us you are more on your tummy and I think it helps you sleep more soundly. We will have to see if you turn out to be a tummy sleeper like both of your parents, because I think that you might be and perhaps that will play a part in helping you to sleep longer periods of time. I guess time will tell.

You have loved bath time this week. You coo and gurgle when you are sitting in your bath seat. You love it until you start to get cold, and at that point you are done and want out. We oblige you of course and snuggle you until you are dry and warm.
We have to wash your hair every couple of days because you are a head sweater and your hair gets pretty greasy if we don't wash it. I never thought that hair washing would be a part of our routine with a newborn, but we love your beautiful hair and wouldn't change it.

You are spending more time awake now and are beginning to interact much more with us and your environment. You track the lights and mobile on your swing, and you love the flashing, singing monkey that Nana and Grandad brought you. You are drawn to colour contrast and lights as you start to really engage with the world around you. It's fun to see, and your bright eyes continue to light up my life as I watch you watch the world.

Thanks for your patience with me as I adjust to life as a Mum. I really do love this role so much but the lack of sleep is tough. I know it's not your fault that you need to eat often through the night and I am happy to give you what you need but please know that these bags around my eyes are not always here :)

Love you little man, and I am looking forward to all that week four will hold! Nana and Grandad go home on Monday so it will be just you and me kid.

Love you, Mummy x

Here is a cute picture of you sitting on Daddy's lap. You are such a cutie :)



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