Friday, September 14, 2012

In a heartbeat

This morning I fought back tears as I packed away a few of Levi's "newborn" clothes. He still fits in a few outfits of that size, but lots of onesies require contorting his arms in funny ways to put them on him and are certainly snug in the length too. We  could make do for a week or so more if we had to but there is a drawer-full of 0-3 month and 3-6 month clothes just waiting to be worn, so we might as well...At this point the newborn onesies are like muscle T's on him and the 0-3 month ones are like regular T-shirts!

I can't believe my baby boy is already outgrowing things that used to hang off him. Where id the time go?

We invested in some onesie stickers from Etsy to record his month milestones and I took the first ones this week because we hit his one month birthday. I am so excited to watch him grow but also sad that this time is passing so quickly. I feel as though we haven't taken enough pictures or video to capture this time and now its passed; the feedings, napping (mostly Levi, but we did our fair share too) and other basics took all our effort and thought and now here we are with a one month old. I hope we won't forget too much.

While I was nursing this morning, I watched the season premiere of 'Parenthood' on the DVR. The episode focused on one family saying goodbye to their daughter as she moved away for college. All of a sudden I was balling (hello hormones) I couldn't get it together as I began to think ahead to the being our boy one day,. I know, it's only a TV show, but I am sure most parents would have the same reactions as the parents in this fictional tale, where they just can't believe time passed so quickly and their baby is leaving home.

All of these thoughts have made me take to heart the reality that time passes in a heartbeat with children. One minute they are scrunched up and red faced coming home from the hospital and the next minute they are being handed their high school diploma and heading off to college or some other adventure. My laundry can wait, my dusty house will be dusty tomorrow, my laundry can pile up a little...because my boy is only tiny once. Tomorrow he will be one day older than he is today. I need to make the time to lay on the floor with him and watch him hold his head up for tummy time. I need to rock him to sleep in my arms, because before long he won't even want me to. I need to make time to just watch him sleeping because he is so peaceful and precious. Tomorrow he will be reaching different milestones. so I need to celebrate today's today. I don't want to miss anything, and knowing my house was pristine during these first months (maybe years) will be a insignificant reward when I look back on this time.

Levi is now officially a smiler. He's been working on it for a while now but I think yesterday he really nailed it. It was a perfect present for my birthday! He enjoys being on his tummy for short periods of time, and is a champ at holding his head up. Today we took a walk and he took forever to fall asleep as he looked around and was taking in everything he could about the world around him. His big beautiful blue eyes were so bright and not wanting to miss anything. He is also quite a talker - he gets that from his mother - he coos and grunts and tells us all about it. (Even in the middle of the night that's cute). He is growing and changing so much and I love to see it all.

My type A, ordered personality needs to pipe down and let my Mama's heart get her fill. Each and every day making time among the tasks of hte day to simply be with my boy. Enjoy him, get to know him, really see him because before I know it, he will be the one with the diploma in his hand (God willing) and I know that I want to look back knowing I savored every second of this time...[it also makes me start thinking very seriously about trying to have another baby in the future but that's a whole other post!!!]

 One Month picture - he's not that impressed! ha ha

Tummy time
Baby's first wedding, all dressed up! (congrats Michelle and Carlos!)
Just cuteness


  1. He has sooo much hair. Time does fly. Enjoy it!!

  2. That's part of the reason why the age of blogging is so wonderful! You'll get to have this detailed record of his life moment by moment. Unless JJ Abrams is right and one day we're going to be forced to adapt to a world without technology. But that won't happen...right?



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