Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Home Alone, the reality

Let the record show that Levi and I both survived our first day together!

At 1.30am I decided to let J sleep instead of having him change Levi's diaper - usually he does the diaper change while I set up to feed the munchkin, and then he can go back to sleep while Levi feeds - anyway, I was wide awake and Levi wasn't acting frantic to eat so I just took one for Team Blocher and took him to change him myself.

It was bad. It was a blow out. A real blow out. An 'up the back',  'all over his clothes' blow out. I should mention, it was his first real blow out. I hoped that this wasn't a sign of things to come in the rest of the day.

Levi was up to feed every 2.5 - 3 hours last night. Our new normal, and totally do-able. Tiring yes, but it is amazing how little sleep you can function on and how quickly you can adjust to a new normal when it comes to sleep. I still try to nap, and I sleep when he sleeps well into late morning, but so far it's working for us.

Anyway, Levi had a tough time falling into a deep sleep this morning and was boycotting naps lasting more than about 20 minutes, but acting like he had been asleep for hours and was waking up starving. I was feeding him constantly, or at least that's how it felt. For my still healing body this was tough (and sore) but I believe he really wanted to eat and wasn't just wanting comfort. I try to give the pacifier when I think he just needs help to settle, sometimes that works, but sometimes he calls me out and tells me how wrong I am!

I took him for a walk in the stroller to try and  soothe him to sleep. He was mad and did not appreciate my efforts, he screamed for a couple of blocks before drifting off. My intention was to walk to the Post Office and get stamps to mail our birth announcements. About a third of the way there, then sun was hotter than I had expected and with every step I felt more tired. I decided that it was not in our best interests to continue on this errand. We turned around and I hoped that I would have a few minutes to nap or make lunch. Of course, as soon as we walked in the door by sweet boy decided to wake up. After a quick feed he went back to sleep and I managed to heat up leftovers from dinner last night that our sweet friend Suzanne made. It certainly made life much easier to have such a quick but nutritious lunch. I was even able to eat 3/4's of it before Levi woke from that cat nap :)

After another full feeding he went back to sleep and I was able to put him down in the swing and he has been there since, it's been an hour and a half, and I am hoping I have another half hour left.

In the mean time, I cleaned the kitchen, did a load of laundry, tidied and sorted the clothes in Levi's crib and put them away as well as finding homes for a bunch of baby gifts that we have received in the last week. Our baby is well loved!

I also put the inserts in the Bum Genius diapers which my Mum had lovingly washed/prepared while she was here (Thanks Mama). We hope Levi will be big enough to fit well in the cloth diapers starting in a couple of weeks. I can't wait!

All that to say, the day didn't go quite as I planned. I didn't manage to get to the Post Office, but I did manage to cross a few things off the list around here and we did get out for a short walk. Plus, Levi is fed and in a clean diaper, and I managed to get dressed, I even put on make-up and straightened my hair and I brushed me teeth! We also read stories, well, I read them aloud and Levi acted unimpressed, but still I enjoyed snuggling with him.

Hoping to find more of a routine in the coming days and weeks. But I realise that for a while I am at the mercy of this little guys schedule. It's tough to surrender my time to another person in this way when I have things I want to get done in the day, but I am adjusting to the new reality and with each little smile Levi gives me, (gas or not) and every cute noise he makes, I am reminded that every sacrifice is so worth it.

Tomorrow is another day...and I am feeling a little more confident that I can do this...and have hope that I will enjoy it more and more as the days pass. I am also certain that making time for a quiet time each day will be more essential than ever...do they make a waterproof Bible so i can do that in the shower, killing two birds and all that jazz?

Here is my handiwork, diapers all ready to go!

Be blessed friends, Happy Tuesday!


  1. Girl you got a TON done today! Go you!! It's funny that they seem to have a keen sense of timing when it comes to waking up- always right as you are able to do something for yourself! Little boogers! :) Keep up the good work. Being at the mercy of a little one is no task for the weak. You are strong and surrendering your time (you type A personality, you) is only making you stronger. Trust me, I am very much like you Miss Chrissie! :) It's a learning curve, but you are right, it's so totally worth it! Much love to you and little Levi!

  2. The hardest part is that the routines don't last. Once you start to establish one and it's working they enter a new phase and blow up the plan. The good news is that it gets a lot more fun and the diapers get easier (bigger and smellier, but easier to change).

  3. Sounds like a great day!!! Just know that the first few weeks of doing it alone that some days are great and others can just plain suck. Some days I was in tears pacing waiting for DH to get home

  4. So glad leftovers were a blessing to you! I have next Friday off work, so if you need a buddy to run around with let me know and I'll be there :)

  5. I'm hugely impressed! If you can manage to get all that done with Levi only taking short naps, I'll be anxiously waiting to see what you can accomplish during long naps! You're doing awesome =D



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