Thursday, September 20, 2012

Party in my crib at 4am!

So as I posted on Facebook in the early hours of the morning, Levi has decided that 4am is the new black. He keeps waking up around 4am and wanting to play, and while there is nothing inherently wrong with him waking at that time, after all it is usually between 2.5 and 3 hours since a feed so he's allowed to be hungry again...but it's after I have lovingly fed and changed the little stinker he is bright-eyed and far from willing to be rocked/patted/soothed in any way, back to sleep.

He wants to be awake, period. And despite my efforts he has remained so for over an hour each time. As has Mummy. My pleas for him to go back to sleep and even my most convincing arguments that, "See, it's still dark outside. This is the time we go nu-nights" or "Trust me it feels so good to sleep" fall on deaf ears and he remains adamant that he wants to enjoy the whole hour alert. One night last week when it was Jeremy's turn to do the night time convincing I heard him say, "If you go to sleep I will buy you a bike, a really, really, tiny bike" I haven't resorted to bribery yet, but I understand the urge! haha!

But in the midst of me yawning and wishing him back to sleep my little charmer knows exactly how to make me start to think that 4am isn't so bad after all by using the time to perfect his smiles. I mean huge beaming smiles, sometimes he even adds in some moderate cooing and gasps of delight. Then I'm hooked. Even sleep has a hard time competing with the hour of secret smiles, smiles just for me, no one else gets to see.

Smiles make it all worth it. So tonight, at 4am, I am ready for you little boy - just don't forget to bring your smiles!

Yes, I agree this post should have pictures but alas for now it doesn't...maybe I will get to that tomorrow. Cut me some slack, I am sleep deprived because my kid is up all night being cute.

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