Thursday, September 13, 2012


Here I am, 34 years old. How did that happen? Or when? Seems like just yesterday I was in high school, or even flying to Seattle for the first time - but that was 10 years ago almost to the day.

How do I feel about turning another year older? It's a question you get asked a lot on your birthday, especially as you get into your 30's. I think that we are all here waiting to feel middle aged and wondering if this will be the birthday that tips us over the edge. The stray grey hairs, or the wrinkles that may sneak onto a once taught forehead are signs of our aging but we still feel the way we did 20 years ago on the inside. This year, having experienced a birthday of a different sort just a month ago I have only one response. This year, I feel blessed.

I spoke to my friend Lisa on the phone today and she commented that my blog today won't be a wondering whether this will be the year I become a mother.

Levi slept well last night and woke up bright eyed and cooing at about 7am. He and I stayed in bed for an other hour at least as I fed and hanged him before just sitting him across from me, propped on a pillow, and chatting with him. He has been working hard to master smiling, and this morning he was showing off his skills big time. What better birthday present could I ask for? The smiles of my baby boy were better than anything you could find at Tiffany's.

This after noon friends, Sarah and Gennie and their kids came and hung out with me in my In-laws back yard and we indulged in a fabulous ice cream cake that sweet Sarah brought. She knows me SO well!! Ice cream cake is my fave!

Happy to say that this is the best birthday ever...and I am so excited for what this 35th year will hold.

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  1. You could easily pass for 27! I never would have guessed 34....I still like to think I could pass for a high schooler if I slapped on a backpack...maybe I'm delusional? Happy birthday!!



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