Tuesday, November 20, 2012

sick sick sick

Poor sweet boy is really under the weather. It's probably the most pathetic thing I have ever seen, Levi has watery eyes, and a pretty constant stream of drool out of his mouth, not to mention the occasional snot dribble too. When he tries to smile, it just makes even more drool come out, it's so sad but I love him even more for trying to be happy eve though he is feeling rough.

It is also one of the most helpless feelings when you have to just watch your infant be poorly. There is so little you can do to help them. I have given him a few small doses of pain reliever/fever reducer but mostly we are using saline nasal drops and the bulb syringe to clear out your nose and mouth and help you breath more easily.

Levi and I sat in the bathroom last night with the shower running to let the steam clear his nose a bit, it seemed to give him some relief, at least in the short term.

He seemed slightly better today but who knows. I am praying that this cold doesn't go to his chest. I am totally freaked out by the reality that this cold could become a big deal for such a little man.

At the moment Levi is snoring away, fully bathed and PJ-ed and I am hoping down for the night. I mean, I am under no illusion that he will sleep through the night but I am trying to make a positive from this crazy jet-lag teething sickness and start trying to put Levi down at 6.30/7pm. It worked last night, and while he was up a few times (that's an under statement, but it makes me feel better to think it was just a few). We had wanted to start him having a more set time to go to sleep for the night so I hope this is the start of that piece of our routine.

It's tough though because it will mean we are more restricted in the evenings. For example, tomorrow we are having dinner with some couples from our pre-natal class. I am not 100% sure we will make it with our sick kiddo, but if we do I am hoping we will still be able to settle him, even without the bath and story time. I guess, we'll see.

This is life as a mum. It's my life. There is good and bad and this part is the bad. Poor thing, I hope he feels better very soon. 

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