Sunday, November 18, 2012

The best laid plans

We are back in Seattle. We survived the flight home. Poor little buggy did great despite the teething until the final descent into Seattle when I think his ears must have started hurting. He wailed inconsolably, we were officially "those people" on the plane. I tell you though, if anyone had looked at us with a negative thought during those painful 20 minutes I was ready to start throwing down some mama bear! It is the most horrible feeling to have your child screaming when there is nothing you can do to make him feel better and you have an audience of less than sympathetic passengers. We were blessed to have a Mrs.Doubtfire-esque Scottish Grandmother next to us who was so sweet for the entire flight, but especially for the those painful final moments.

We arrived home and Levi's drooling and gnawing from the teething seemed to take a weird turn, the drool was matched with sneezing and coughing and nasal congestion. By 7.30pm Seattle time it was clear that Levi had a cold to add to his list of discomforts. Apparently, jet-lag and teething were not enough for him to contend with.

We had family bedtime at about 8pm Seattle time, and let's say last night was a bit of a doozy. Levi didn't sleep longer than 2 hours at a time, and woke up coughing and spluttering and obviously in pain every time. Nursing was tough too because he can't really breathe so he was also getting sad about that.

By 4am we admitted defeat and had an hour where we were all awake and trying to help our little guy with teething toys and gum gel to some relief. Then we all fell asleep again.

To clarify, we all fell asleep in our bed. Levi in his bassinet. Our plans to go cold turkey with him napping and and sleeping at night in his crib in his went out the window when the cold flew in, and our resolve not not reintroduce him to naps in the swing also disappeared because it keeps him upright and that helps his congestion and lets him breathe more easily. He is asleep in there, rocking away as I type.

I guess the best laid plans have to change, because after all, we make them with the best in mind for our children and when our children's needs change we have to be flexible.

So no crib-mageddon has been moved until after Thanksgiving.

It's been tough since we left my parents at the airport. I miss them so much and I am sure Levi does too. We Skyped this morning and he was so cute talking and cooing and giggling with them. He had been feeling so sorry for himself, it was so sweet how much he cheered up when he saw them on the computer. Grandparents can work magic from miles away!

So here we are, family pajama day as we spend a very low key day at home recovering from jet lag and keeping our germs to ourselves. The only possible outing will be a trip to the store to get groceries...This would be the second for my sweet hubby who ran out earlier and picked up eggs bacon, juice and bread for breakfast which he then proceeded to cook for us. It's good to be home...and sad not to be at home too.

Here are some picture we took just before we left for the airport.
We miss you guys already!!!


  1. He is getting so big!!!!!! He is beautiful! When mine are sick, the swing, bouncy chair, and even the sofa bed with me and lots of back suppport pillows are the way to go. It keeps "stuff" from settling in their chests and helps them sleep for loner periods at night and naptime. You're doing a great job, Mama!



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