Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Grateful, even through the dripping!

It wasn't even 9pm, I had been in bed for over an hour. I got PJ'd up after Levi's first wake up - 20 minutes after he went down for the night. For his benefit as well as mine I'm glad to say that he didn't made a peep after that until 2am, a marked improvement on the night before. Jeremy was out of town overnight for work so I had no reservations at all about bringing Levi into bed at that point. I hate sleeping alone anyway even though a big part of me hoped he would wake me bright and early in the morning having slept all the way through :)

I was reminded the other day by my sweet friend Joanna, (she's the person I want to be like when I grow up) that in the midst of the not sleeping and the exhaustion of this season I should look for moments that fill my heart with gratitude. I know I am blessed. I have a faithful and gentle husband, a beautiful baby boy and a home to keep me safe and warm. How easily it fades to the background when lack of sleep is involved but how much life improves when we stop and choose to see the good.

Yesterday Levi struggled to be the happy little man we have come to know and love because of his teeth and possible cold - whatever is going on with him - he was dripping from every orifice and his eyes were bloodshot. I watched the beauty in this little life. I totally missed writing a 13 month update for him, but after intentionally looking for things that make my heart grateful, I couldn't help but just melt at a few things he is doing right now so I suppose this will cover both of those things.

Firstly, through his sneezes and sniffs, his little voice is emerging. More and more each day it seems like he is picking up new sounds and "words". He has a very small vocab of words that are actually identifiable by anyone other than me but its growing and hes becoming clearer. He says, "balloon" and "football" and on that theme "touch down", "peek boo". It's adorable! He also "talks" more in general and I cannot wait to know more of what he is saying. He makes his feelings very clear through non-verbal methods but still, I love his little voice :)

He is also starting to say "mama" and "dada" with specificity. He points to me and says, "mama" and then points to himself and wants me to say, "Levi", he does the same with Jeremy, saying "dada" he likes to point over and over and is starting to put together names and what or who they represent. I love to see his little mind grasping concepts of the world around him.

He is also killing me with how he wafts his hand and scrunches his face in disgust saying "pee ooh" when he hears someone farting. Mostly Jeremy of course :) We have done it to him when he has a poopy diaper but now he associated it with toots too and will let us know when he is the culprit as well as reprimanding us if we do it - or if he thinks we do. Yesterday as I rocked him to sleep for his nap, my tummy rumbled because I hadn't had breakfast and he lifted his head off my shoulder and gave me the look and the waft :)

Man, this kid is my joy and delight even on days like today when I am exhausted, and completely out of energy, he continues to make my heart swell with gratitude to the God who gave him to us.

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