Friday, September 13, 2013

So this is 35

Today I celebrate turning 35. As I sit here and contemplate life today I can;t help but smile. When I turned 30, I was yet to meet Jeremy, my position with YWAM was uncertain and therefore my ability to stay in the US was also up in the air. I had an opportunity to uproot and head to South Africa to work with a fabulous organisation and was feeling torn about what my next steps would be. With so many decisions facing me, my desire to be married came strong and in waves that caused me to cry out to God over and over, "when is it my turn?" I wanted a mate to help me with all the decisions and be with me in the fall out of my choices. I mourned the life I wanted, the husband, the 2.4 children, the white picket fence, and I took a deep breath as I surrendered once again to God's will and tried to step out into what he was calling me into.

My decision to go to Africa or find a way to stay here in Seattle weighed heavily and I prayed with my small group leader and her husband to seek the Lord.  truly felt as though He placed the decision in my hands. After much soul searching, I decided that the city that had stolen my heart all those years before was home and was where I needed to be. Little did I know how much God would bless my decision.

Sitting here today at 35 I feel as though life has been on the upswing ever since.

I am married to a wonderful man who woke me up with my favourite Earl Grey Lea latte, some chocolate and the sweetest card as well as a rendition of Happy Birthday which was made even cuter as Levi beamed looking between us enjoying the celebration but without any idea what was going on!

Levi gave me sweet cuddles and has been a delight all day - plus he did a nasty poop early this morning when Jeremy was watching him, so that was a special present I didn't have to deal with :)

I have been flooded with emails, FB comments, texts and phone calls as well as having a friend stop by with beautiful flowers and getting to visit with my friend Jillian and her sweet not quite 2 month old little guy. It's been a love fest. I feel so blessed.

My life at 35 is a dream come true. My sweet baby boy is napping upstairs my second baby is growing strong in my belly and my sweet husband will be home from work soon so we can go out for dinner as a family at my favourite restaurant.

I'm undeserving but I am so thankful to an ever loving and faithful God for the life I have today. It may not be perfect in the world's eyes but I see that God is using this life to draw me closer to Him and mold me into someone who looks more and more like Him.

Here's to 35 - Happy I made it this far and excited for all this year will hold!

Here is a picture of me and my boy at the beach last week - yes, it was windy!

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