Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dear Levi - Nineteen Months Old

Dear Levi,

It's been quite the month little man. You became a big brother and you are doing a fabulous job. You like to tell people you are a big brudder" and remind them you must be "gentle" as a follow up.

Your first question when you wake up from a nap is "Nora?" wondering where she is. When we go downstairs and your eyes find her the biggest smile comes across your face and your eyes sparkle. You are often found sneaking kisses and love to "hold you" (hold her). You point out her toes and fingers, her facial features and her hair. You delight in her wriggles and yawns as well as her poopy diapers which seem to have impressed you!

It is difficult to share your mama with a new baby and you have started acting out a little. We are trying to have grace with you because we understand your cries for attention are just that and for the most part you seem happy to be distracted with some focused attention.

You have become a climber. We have found you standing on the dining room table swinging  roll of wrapping paper at the chandelier as well as on the toilet tank getting into stuff you shouldn't be! The other day you were playing in the living room and we over heard you saying, "Levi! Get down!" You have clearly heard that a lot recently!

You have developed a real love of songs and music and you urrent favourites to sing are "twinkle dar" "Bible" (Jesus love me) and "Bob de beulder" (Bob the builder theme). I love to hear your sweet voice. You are often heard in the back seat of the car or over the monitor as you are going to sleep. You are happy to hear us singing but will gladly fill in any words when we leave a gap.

Your fine motor skills have developed a lot in the past month. You are no very proficient with your spoon or fork to eat. You have started taking a later nap (going down at 12.30 or 1pm) after you have eaten lunch and have been sleeping for a couple of hours. This mean you have been going to bed later which in turn means you are eating dinner later so we an all eat together. It has been so fun to share a meal together in the evenings. We all eat the same thing which means less cooking or thinking about food for me - its wonderful!!

You continue to eat well and your favourites continue to be your pickled beets, hummus and tortillas, cucumber and turkey as well as eggs or pancakes for breakfast and strawberries and blueberries for snacks. There is little you won't eat and the past couple of days you have been happy to eat blended vegetable soup and crackers for lunch - because I have been eating the same thing.

You love to run and march around and have become really good at whizzing on your little motorcycle. And your aim getting the basketball in the hoop has evolved too.

Your sense of humor is coming out more and more too. You are so funny and love to make us laugh.

Your imaginative play is becoming more and more elaborate. You often get in your little car and tells us yo are going to Starbucks, you can recall the orders for many family members :) You know mummy has a mocha with no whip and daddy has a latte. You even manage Grandad's macchiato order!

There is so much more I could say. You are growing and changing so much every day, its hard to keep up!

Love you so much baby boy, I look forward to snuggling with you in bed in the morning while you drink your milk. It's become one of my favourite parts of the day.

Mama x

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