Friday, March 14, 2014

Dear Nora - One Month Old

Precious girl,

Today marks your four week and one month birthday :) So much to celebrate!

You continue to be our champion sleeper and are managing a 4 or 5 hour stretch at night which I very much appreciate. In the day you are often asleep if you are not eating. Your brother is not exactly quiet when he is playing with his hammer or his cars so  you have sadly been more disturbed, we might have to start having you nap away from the action but I will be so sad to miss watching you so peaceful as you dream.

You are doing much better with your nursing now and managing to latch with the help of the shield. You have a large appetite especially considering how little you are! I treasure those quiet moments you snuggled, warn against me and your little fingers grasping my shirt. We don't get many moments when its just the two of us so I cherish each second.

You are such a sweet heart, and for the short times you are awake your bright eyes are always shining. You have started to coo and I can see your efforts to smile too. I cannot wait until you put it all together and your face is bright with a grin - besides the ones that come from gas - although those are a sweet, sweet glimpse of the delight that is coming.

I suppose its a part of being the second born that you need to make your voice really heard above the noise that's already happening but you have a loud and impressive cry when you have a need. You are such an easy going soul so your cries are only for nasty diapers that need to be changed or more often hunger.

You are not yet in any type of routine. You can go 3 or 4 hours between feeds if you are sleeping soundly but if you are awake you want to eat all the time. Thankfully you will take a pacifier which can settle you as well as nursing. However, evenings prove to be a tough time for you to settle any other way than nursing evey ten minutes! I will take it, but I hope that you settle into more of a routine soon.

You are just starting to outgrow the newborn size onesies and jammies you have been wearing. It makes me sad to pack away your clothes but I am also proud to see you growing so well.

Baby girl, you are goring so fast, I can't believe it but its so exciting to watch.

Cutie pie, I can't imagine life without you.

Hugs and so much love
Mama x

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