Monday, March 22, 2010

enough is enough

My B.F.F (Best Fictional Friend) Lorelei Gilmore once had a love affair with snow. She loved it, she associated it with good things in her life. Then one day, a snow drift landed on her car, and it was the beginning of the end of their relationship. That's where I am at in my life with chocolate. I love chocolate, it used to be a treat. It used to be something I associated with goodness. However, somewhere along the way, it has turned into more of an addiction. Now I groan when people bring treats over because I know they will not survive in the house. Now I fight this urge to devour and I can't seem to kick the chocolate habit. It just doesn't taste good when their is guilt and shame involved.

So as Lorelei announced out loud to the snow, I am announcing out loud to chocolate, " You and I are through!"

My discipline has to happen at the store because the fight is over once it's in our house. I am tired of feeling like this compulsion has a hold on me. As Jeremy and I look into the future and thinking of getting pregnant again I want to be in the best health I can for that, and I think that my half-hearted efforts finally found a full-hearted reason to come through.

My diet is not the only place in my life that needs a little fine tuning, my exercise level has seriously decreased since I got married and moved in with Jeremy. Now I don't walk very much anymore, we drive everywhere and I need to make more of a conscious effort to keep fit. In the sunshine, I am more determined than ever to get into better shape. It's fun to be outside when it's not raining!

So this is my public announcement, my accountability. I am making smart choices about my health. From today, this is it. I have been inspired by the online journey of a friend of mine who is on a similar quest for health and fitness. She told me today that I am the most introspective extrovert that she knows, I think that's a pretty good description so I will be sure to keep you all the loop as much as possible with how all this is going to pan out. Please feel free to offer and words of wisdom you have, such as a chocolate patch for example?!

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  1. ...and I was just about to post off your Easter eggs. Shall I do it or will that seem like sabotage of your good intentions?

    love, Mum xx



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