Monday, March 15, 2010

It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood...

Jeremy and I debuted our hospitality skills and our guest room last week. Our first guest was my friend Sunne. She came to stay overnight on her way from Florida to a conference to Portland. It also happened to be her birthday so we were able to take her out for Thai food to celebrate her. Then on Wednesday my dear friend Amy arrived. We have had some wonderful girl time including getting makeovers at the Clinique counter at the mall with some other girlfriends!!

It is so fun to have other people in our home. I miss living in community. I guess Jeremy and I will have to take the pin out of that discussion again soon.

Yesterday, my old housemates throw a party for some mutual visiting friends. The gathering was about 30 people, there were kids everywhere, meat smoking, lots of beer, and our gracious host in a tie deep frying onion rings which were oh so good! We ate wonderful food, caught up on each others lives, laughed together, shared our hearts and generally enjoyed each others company. Later in the evening we sat around the chiminea and kept warm while the conversation continued. These friends were all from my YWAM days. Sometimes it seems like a million years ago when we were all in each other lives every day and in the next heartbeat it feels like no time at all. We all shared so much life together, good, bad and sometimes ugly. Those foundations have made it so easy to just pick up conversations even when haven't been in the same country for years. I have such a love for these people. They became my family here in the US.

It used to be hard to bring Jeremy to parties or gathering with a lot of YWAM friends because he didn't have the history that we all shared together. Yesterday I realised that times have changed in that respect. It was fun to be there with him. He and I have spent enough time developing relationships with my friends as a couple that he can call them his friends too. It so nice for me to see the way he has been accepted and welcomed into this group who are so important to me.

In other news, it is a beautiful day in Seattle today! I spent the morning out for coffee with two of my very special friends and then have been in the garden all afternoon pruning rose bushes and apple trees and tidying up a little bit. I felt like a grown up. And now, I feel like an old lady - my knees are killing me!

I feel like the weeds were mocking me, and I still have a lot of them to destroy but at least I made some headway. I am enjoying this new season of being more in tune with nature. Last year, we were distracted by planning our wedding but this year, summer is all ours! I have some tomato seeds to grow to seedlings and then plant outside. I hope we'll be eating delicious home grown tomatoes in our salads this summer.

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