Thursday, April 29, 2010

Squeezing the juice out of life

What a beautiful day in Seattle. I am working today, which means I get to hang out with an almost one year old cutie-pie. She has been in a delightful mood and we took a long walk around town in between naps - hers not mine.

She is taking her afternoon nap now as I write this, precious.

On our walk, I stopped by PCC and got a salad for lunch. It was delicious. After we got home, I had a stop and taste the roses moment...well, a stop and taste the salad moment but same thing. It was a simple meal but the taste of the different greens, the lemon juice and the tuna salad were delicious. Each bite a different taste. I need to stop and enjoy my food way more often, we eat on-the-go far too frequently. In the space and the quiet I ate slowly and really tasted each bite. I hear that's the way we are supposed to do eat, it's better for us!

On our walk we also stopped by this little garden store on 35th Ave in Fremont. I bought some herbs and a strawberry plant which smell so good! I also wanted a couple more flowers for my pots and I saw a bright, cute little pot and on closer inspection I saw it was called 'English daisy'. Done. I bought two. However, the don't look like any of the daisies I have seen growing in English lawns, and I should know because as I child I would sit for hours and make daisy chains.

Enjoy this day my friends and all the things it has to offer.

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