Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lessons in life

I started the day walking around Green Lake with my friend Jessika. It had been a long time since we had spent time together and we laughed and talked the who way around. It was good to share our lives, and served as a reminder once again of the desire, need and calling we have to community.

A little later, I was dressed in bleach stained clothes fresh, or not so fresh, from cleaning bathrooms. I headed outside to the bins arms full of recycling and rubbish when suddenly I head the door bang shut behind me. I ran over and jiggled the handle but I already knew it had locked behind me. I was out in the cold, and rain with no coat, no keys, no phone and very thankful for the last minute idea to put on shoes. I quickly went over the last few things I had done to ensure that nothing bad was going to happen, no water was on to boil, no candles left burning, OK, I was good to leave and find help!

I knocked on a neighbours house but they weren't home, and then I saw our other neighbour out doing some woodwork in his garage. I headed over and he couldn't do enough to help me. I called and sent texts to Jeremy from my neighbour Mike's cell phone (luckily I do have Jeremy's number memorised) But after he had not responded to my pleas I had the sinking memory of him putting his phone in the office to charge last night. He has developed quite the habit of forgetting it the next morning and in that second I just knew he didn't have his phone with him. Now what? I asked Mike if he had a phone book and I found Jeremy's company so I called and had the operator transfer me to Jeremy. He didn't answer so I had to leave yet another message. Then another idea came to mind, send an email. If Jeremy was at his desk, he would see a new email pop up but I didn't have a computer...but I did have another phone number memorised - My church!! I called the church office and when Elizabeth answered, I relayed my sad story and she sent out and SOS email to Jeremy with Mikes home phone number in it.

Only a few minutes later my knight in shining armor called and said he was on his way to save me and would be there as soon as he could.

I want to continue to develop the community in my neighbourhood. I am reminded of the prayers that Jeremy and I said when we were looking for a house, and I truly believe He led us here. I am excited for summer B-B-Q's and more chatting over the fence as the weather gets brighter. We have a wonderful amount of friends in our lives, guys, girls, couples, family and must carve out time to embrace these relationships. As we grow and learn, and as God transforms us, he will do so individually and with our communities. We learn from one another and touch each others lives in ways that teach us new things about life, love, and Jesus. That's a beautiful thing.

What a day! Full of lessons to learn.

#1 Community is what we should be all about
#2 People are good
#3 I need to memorize more phone numbers
#4 I need to have a hide-a-key somewhere
#5 my husband is a wonderful man - officially not a new lesson but something it is good to remember and thank him for.
#6 'Law and order' is on TV all day in one form or another!

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