Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dear levi - Nine months old

Dear Levi.

Another month has gone by in a blur. You are growing up so fast and it's a joy to watch and exhausting to parent!

You have decided that your ninth month was the time you wanted to take your first steps. You have been steady on your feet for a while but out of the blue while your Dad and I were talking, you decided to take 3 steps across the room! It was thrilling to see the light bulb flick on in your little brain too as you figured out what you had done. You have continued to take a few steps here and there and are getting brave to step between the couch and the ottoman or other shorter gaps. You don't seem to realize that you can't actually walk yet however, and constantly start off across the room only to face-plant a few steps in when your eagerness pushes you faster than your feet can carry you - but you are not discouraged and get back up to do it all over again a few minutes later.

(Although you did celebrate your nine month birthday with a doozie of a boo-boo, poor guy)

You are starting to understand so much more about the world around you. We have started taking almost daily trips to Northacres park now the weather is nicer, and when I say that I am going to get the stroller, you look towards the garage door where we keep it and eagerly crawl over. You also recognise the garage door opening and look to see when Daddy will come in at the end of the day.

Your opinions are getting stronger too, you certainly know how to fake cry when you are told "no", or every single one of the thirty times a day we take away the cell hone/remote/laptop/monitor screen/electric cable/fireplace guard from you before (or just after) you put them in your mouth. Your face scrunches up and your cry is loud and forced. Not that it doesn't make my heart a little sad every time you do it, but knowing it's just the start of us disciplining you, I know I need to toughen up and be consistent. I have officially started to use your full name to discourage certain behaviour, and now, just hearing "Levi Rhys" in a stern tone can start the fake cry when you know that we can see where you are headed!

We are pretty sure that you are close to saying your first word too. You have been talking incessantly in baby gibberish for the last few weeks - even in your sleep you chatter - but you have been saying "Dada" a lot. You chatter away from the minute you wake up and don't stop unless you are asleep.

You have discovered your rhythm too and bob away whenever you hear music, or step foot to foot when you are standing. You even dance to Grandpa's elevator music :)

[Here are a few 9 month picture shots - these are getting harder and harder to take each month as his spirit of adventure increases...]

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