Monday, May 20, 2013

In to EVERYTHING - in bullet points

Levi is down for him morning nap, and I am giving up a few minutes of my valuable baby free time to blog. Because this season is exhausting and wonderful and there is so much I am afraid I will forget so here are a few bullets.

* You are obsessed with toilet brushes. I think you have some weird baby radar because it doesn't matter how many times we move them, or try to hide them you manage to find them. Not quite sure what is so exciting, but it won't be long until I decide to give up stopping you and start teaching you how to scrub that toilet bowl.

* You have officially reached the stage where your lack of noise makes me come running to see what you have got into...and you never fail to surprise me.

* Your have discovered our stereo (yes, we still have a stereo) But you and your pointer finger like to push the buttons, open the cassette deck (yes, it's has a cassette deck) you have also figured out the on and off button so that your button pushing can actually make music start or stop as you play CD's. You are just so into learning how stuff works and this is no exception. You watch us as we show you different buttons making different things happen and you copy and learn. You are little sponge taking it all in.

* You love opening cupboards. We have child locks on some, but you have turned your attention to the ones you can get into. You especially enjoy the pots and pans cupboard. It makes cooking with you underfoot complicated and noisy!

* You love chomping on raw carrots. You may only have 2 teeth but they work hard to chomp off little pieces, and I am sure it feels good on your gums.

* Favourite food of the moment - Yogurt.

* Bath time is still a highlight of your day. I am eager to sign you up for swim lessons soon because your are fearless and I want you to learn early.

* You are a skillfully quick toilet paper un-roller.

* You love to read books which warms my heart. I enjoy our morning snuggle times when you let me eek out a few more minutes in bed by sitting and reading books with me. You especially like the book, Baby Giggles full of photos of babies, and all books with flaps to open.

* You can reach the changing mat from your crib and sooth yourself to sleep by pulling it onto the floor at every opportunity. We are just waiting for you to figure otu if you pulled into the crib you could use it to help you climb out... I am glad you can't read this to get any ideas sooner than you think of it on your own.

So many more but you will be waking up soon and I need to get ready for the day before that happens -  I laughed the other day watching a morning TV show when they talked about mothers of young kids and having a beauty routine in the same beauty routine consists of brushing my teeth (most days)!
Life is full and busy but I want to be certain to stop and breath in little moments each day.

Happy Monday to you all!

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  1. Oh man - I dread the day when she can figure out how to get out of her crib!!! :-)



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