Monday, May 27, 2013

Taking the time

A few weeks ago J and I took a class called, "Bringing Baby Home." It a two day marriage seminar that gives couples tools to use to keep their relationship strong after babies come along. (It was a great class, that I would highly recommend to any new parents or new parents-to-be.)

As part of the class, we realised that a value we shared was taking time as a family to relax and refresh. We decided to go away to Bellingham overnight as a family and enjoy the holiday weekend. So we headed north - we managed to avoid any of the crazy traffic that we had anticipated with the collapsed I-5 bridge that we had to detour.

We stayed the night in the same hotel that we had spent our wedding night, only this time we had a suite not just a room. We actually got an upgrade which was such a treat! I think we are spoiled for life now! We had a corner suite, with windows overlooking the water on both sides. We had a beautiful bedroom, a bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and a living room where we set up the pack and play for Levi.

We spent Sunday watching the Kayaks launching for the last leg of the 'Ski to Sea' relay race that was taking place. We could watch from the warmth of our room until the wet weather blew past. Then we went out and walked along the water. Levi loved all the boats and his little pointer finger was very active making sure to show us everything that was happening! We went out to lunch at our favourite pizza place and then got some picnic things for dinner since we knew Levi would be sleeping and we would be hunkering down in the hotel room after that! We came back to the hotel with a stop at the waterfront fire pit.

Today we got up and went out to breakfast - we were at the restaurant by 9am...we didn't realise it was so early! Levi didn't get up super early, but I think we were relaxed from the day before and were able to get up and going easily. Once we were full we headed back to the hotel for Levi to take a nap before we headed out for some more wandering around town and then headed home. While he slept, I did homework - trying hard to get ahead so that when we are on vacation I do not have to miss out on too much sunshine because I am stuck inside studying, Jeremy went on a run and literally ran into one of his best friends and his wife who were out walking their dog while they were in town for the Ski to Sea race. We had no idea they would be here, and to add to the fun and games, we found out they were staying in the smae hotel as us, just afew rooms away!! Such a coincidence!

We were able to visit with them for a short time which was an unexpected and much appreciated surprise. They hadn't seen Levi since Christmastime and he loved showing off all his new skills to this captive audience! He is such a ham.

On the way home the weather was awful. Downpour the whole way but it was nice to be home and have an excuse to pull out the packed away blankets and snuggle with a cup of tea. We finally watched 'Salmon Fishing in the Yemen' which if you haven't seen it is fabulous - I highly recommend it.

It was a special weekend, a real time of connection for J and a time to create some sweet family times and to make time to focus on our little family. We needed this time, we need it more often.

We enjoyed this day, free to do as we wished. And for that we say a prayer of thanks on this Memorial day to those who have paid the ultimate price, and for those who serve and who have served in the armed forces to protect this freedom. We are sincerely thankful for your service.

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