Thursday, July 25, 2013

Avocado pants and other gross consequences of parenting

Late this afternoon, after I had been to the zoo with a friend all morning and run some errands I was sitting down and realised I had a huge smear of avocado all down one leg of the capri pants I had been wearing. I suddenly remembered that when I had lifted Levi out of his highchair last night from dinner, he had some avocado hidden in his lap that made itself at home all over both of us as I carried him. I had made a mental note to put these pants in teh laundry pile and wash them asap. Apparently my mental notes are not worth the paper they are written on. Seriously?! What in the world happened to my brain? This kid. Thats what.

Not only is my memory shot, this Mum business has kept me so busy that I didn't have a moment to sit and notice that I was wearing the avocado until almost 12 hours after I had put the pants on! It''s truly a miracle I haven't left the house yet, totally missing a shirt or shoes. It's not like I am surprised, I hardly have time to go to the bathroom these days! And even then, I have to strike quite a pose to make sure nothing Levi is holding ends up in the bowl, and that he isn't running off with the toilet brush or the plunger, taking a bite out of or unrolling the toilet paper or just pulling the flush over and over - it is quite the balancing act!

J has been out of town on business the past couple of days so I have been flying solo with the boy. He has been a champ in terms of napping well, putting himself to sleep at night and sleeping through (Thank you baby boy, mama appreciates it so!) However, I do find that there is ususally a "crisis" of some sort while J is away. This trip was no different.

We had a lovely morning out at the zoo with some friends this morning and got back in time for Levi to have a bottle and go down for his afternoon nap. We were in his room reading books in the rocker to help him settle, as he finished his bottle = like he does every day - and then I was singing to him as I rocked him gently. It had been about 5 or 10 minutes and he was getting super sleepy but was still a little wriggly every now and then so I was still holding him because I wondered if he was about to poop and I wanted to be able to deal with it right away and get him settled. That turned out not to be a problem. He sat up in my arms, looked at me and this belch came from deep within him, followed promptly by the entire contents of his bottle and some undigested peanut butter sandwich. It was disgusting! It pooled down my shirt, in the top and out the bottom, it flowed down my pants ( on the leg without the avocado!) and sprayed over the crib, the quilt, the floor as well as all down Levi. Levi found the whole even highly amusing and giggled to himself as I stood. Shocked. Unable to decide what to deal with first. I stripped us both down and then dealt with the floor and the linens. So gross!!!

Luckily, after everything was clean and we had read a few more books, Levi went back and after about a half hour of rolling around he settle himself for a great nap.

More grossness to come I have no doubt. Good tihng my weak stomach seems to be toughening up :)

Feeling so ready for Jeremy to come home in a couple of hours and for the it Friday yet?!

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