Monday, July 29, 2013

New tricks

The past weekend was a big one for Levi. He learned many new tricks. Mummy and Daddy are thrilled. Hear that sarcasm?

1. He can now open the toilet and is thrilled to giggles to splash in the water. Yay (!)

2. He delicately takes the end of the toilet paper roll between thumb and forefinger and then runs away until the roll runs out or he gets distracted by something shiny.
 (yes, we try to keep bathroom doors shut, but you can bet your bottom dollar when we forget he's all over it)

3. Climbing on the speaker by the tv and 'patting' the screen, pulling the other speakers onto the floor...and shouting "ha ha" and stamping his feet excitedly when we head over to remove him.

4. Climbing on the couch and pulling the lamp over or playing the blinds like an accordion.

5. He has realised he can scale the ottomans that we have used to keep him penned in and flip over backward to get to his freedom. Joy.

6. Drinking water from his sippy cup is now just an excuse to suck in large amounts of water and spit it out all over the house. Its like living in our own personal spray park.

7. It is suddenly hilarious to drop every piece of food we put on his tray over the side. Even when he is hungry. He will look us straight in the eye and hold the stare as he drops it and then looks over and laughs a deep belly laugh.

8. He has become quicker than lightening about getting into the cupboards we don't have locks on and I distributing their contents across the house. I walked through the living room last night to find a cheese grater sitting in the middle of the floor, and I have no idea when he put it there!

9. He has taken to pulling out the 4 foot+ length of wood we keep in our sliding door base, and walking around with it like some kind of ninja warrior. I don't even know how he can pick it up let alone walk around with it!

We love him to pieces but I wish he would pick up tricks at a slightly slower pace so we could keep up. I confess we think he is hilarious even when we are fiercely keeping a straight face to be stern and show disapproval. He's has a strong will, which will serve him well in the future, but for now it is proving to be a new facet to our parenting adventure.

I love that I know him well by now enough to anticipate some of his next moves. For example, the other morning j and I were both getting ready in the bathroom and Levi was playing and making messes as we did :) It was at this moment he discovered the toilet water for the first time. J literally took him away from The toilet 5 times and over and over Levi yelled and showed his dislike of our choice before going right back even more determined and eventually even more frustrated. He finally threw a way bigger strop, big tears and everything before running off. J smiled and said something about him finally getting the message. I knew different.
I told J, "I don't know where he went but I bet he is doing something he knows that he shouldn't be" j returned a few minutes later baby under arm, retrieved from under the desk where he had been pulling cords out and unplugging things...something else he knows his daddy does not let him do, but he needed to show us how upset he was that we had not let him have his way.
Love this kid...but pray for us :)


  1. haha sounds like he is keeping you busy :)

  2. I cant rememb the last time the toilet paper roll has stayed on the dispenser usually has to be kept high above, esp now that she uses the potty seat as well. Also, careful with the TV! Hope you have it anchored, cause thats how ours ended up on the floor :( One day, you will be looking for a spoon to stir your sauce in his toy bin - thats where i run to when my sauce in burning. Ahh the joys of parenting!! But makes you smile all the same.



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