Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy First Birthday Baby Boy!!

Dear Levi,
Happy, happy, birthday!! Daddy and I love you so, so much and continue to be in awe that we have been blessed with you!

Your sense of humor continues to make us smile. You always find things to make you laugh and we love the joy for life you have.

You are a sponge, soaking up everything the world has to offer. You re eager to learn and explore the world around you. You are always opening cupboards and finding new things inside - the other day I found a cheese grater in the middle of living room from one of your adventures!

You have become a total bookwork this last month and are always bringing us books to read to you. You have your favourites, like "Daddy and Me and "Daddy Hugs" but honestly, your favourites change weekly if not more frequently. At nap time and bedtime we read you a few books in the rocker to settle you and its one of my favourite times of the day. You snuggle in and I just want to freeze time. You are growing up so fast, baby boy.

You have learned to point out your hair and your ears and enjoy giving a high-five to acknowledge your accomplishments :) You have become a little obsessed with finding my belly button and "beeping" it. You also cannot pass a bare foot without tickling it and laughing.

Your cute little firetruck noise make me smile. I think it is my poor example that you are mimicking so I apologise because its a pitiful noise! ha ha!

You are learning many new skills. You have mastered coming down stairs backwards and getting off the couch or the bed that way too. You are fearless to slide off now and so cute as you look at us, smiling when you slide over the edge.

You had a fun time at your party. We had it in Grandma and Grandpa Blocher's back yard and lots of your favourite people stopped by to celebrate you. You had lots of rides in the wagon and loved splashing with your friends in the kiddie pool. You also really enjoyed your birthday cupcake, I had to clean frosting out of your ear and hair when you were done!

You were and are an answer to prayer and an example of God's goodness in our lives.

Happy Birthday Levi Rhys we love you x

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