Monday, August 26, 2013

Looking back - and forward...

I spent a long time last night reading through my posts from this time last year. It was so special to be able to read about how those first days, weeks and months really were. The fuzzy feelings are easy to recall but the tough times while easier to forget are just as important to remember, especially as I support friends in those early days. It was also really special to read some of the details about Levi that I had forgotten.

I realised how much I want to get back into regular blogging not just because it is good for my soul to process life this way, but also because it helps me see clearly the way God is working in my life. In those early days I read about the way God answered my prayers; longer stretches of sleep at night was a certain one :) I also read about the ways our friends and community were the hand and feet of Jesus when we needed extras! I would love to be able to have posts about this season to look back on.

Days are busy. They start early.
By the time you go down for your first nap at around 9am I am exhausted. There is always a list of chores that I plan to get done but I usually spend the time on the couch. It's been a tough first trimester. Baby number 2 is using up any reserves I have from caring for Levi. The exhaustion has been much harder to deal with than the morning sickness which thankfully spared me its wrath this time around and only sent its backup players.

Levi is still taking 4 bottles a day and I have slacked on transitioning him to cow's milk but I am hoping that today's the day. My plan is to warm 2oz of cows milk to room temp and offer it in the bottle. If he takes it, great. If he doesn't I will mix it in with 6oz of formula and see if he will take the concoction. Once we have moved to the new milk we can tackle the bottle issue and work on weaning him to a cup.

My belly is continuing to grow at what is for me a startling rate. I am getting worried about the weight gain of this pregnancy as I am already squeezing into maternity clothes from last time, especially pants. My rear will certainly take some work to reduce after February!

I am starting to get more and more excited about this new baby however, the shock has worn off, the nerves have subsided to a dull roar and I actually have real hope that this is our next 'hold in your arms' baby. Reading through my blog reminded me how awe inspiring those early moments are days are. How precious of a journey it is to get to know your baby more and more each day, to discover their likes and dislikes, figuring out how they like to be rocked or soothed and generally just leanring who they are. Those are the experiences that draw you in to want to have more babies :)

I just made a good dinner, a quinoa dish that it really tasty and provided some good nutrition for me and the bubs. Makes me feel good. Levi is pretty much eating what we do these days. So he has left over quinoa, broccoli for dinner tomorrow. I think he'll like it, it's got a little zesty kick which seems to go over well with him. I feel like a good mum today.


  1. You are a good mama! The next several months will probably leave you with days where you don't feel like a good mama so keep that little feeling in your pocket and pull it out on a rainy day. It's tough stuff being pregnant with a little one running around but you are doing it and you are doing it well. Love you and I am so excited for you! Also, post that recipe!



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