Friday, August 23, 2013

4 years and Levi's first overnight

Feeling rested and glad to be home but its been a lovely couple of days. It was our 4th wedding anniversary yesterday so we planned an overnight trip to Vancouver, BC to celebrate. The bigger deal about this particular trip was that it was the first time we were leaving Levi somewhere overnight. Grandma and Grandpa were more than eager to help us and we felt very relaxed knowing he was in such capable and loving hands but it was still so strange to leave him.

Out time away was refreshing to say the least. The time in the car provided an opportunity to talk without having to pass snacks to the backseat or cajole a little man that we were almost to our destination. It gave us the freedom to eat when and where we wanted. We found a fab, kinda fancy Italian place for dinner last night which we enjoyed at a leisurely pace, taking time to enjoy each course and one another through the evening. It's amazing how all consuming little ones can be. And while we love our boy fiercely, this time just us was very needed. It was good to remember who we were together before we were mum and dad.

We remembered to hold hands because they were not full of a little man, or some of his essentials. We stopped to enjoy the view. Stopped to get coffee just because we had time to spare. We sat and read books in the sunshone and walked along the water eating gelato. It was a sweet, simple and wonderful couple of days.

And then we came home, and I cannot begin to explain the anxiety I felt to be reunited with the baby once we have started home. My mama's heart missed him like crazy, oh to wrap that boy in my arms. The Seattle traffic delayed us slightly and I had no patience for that at all. When Levi saw us we got a suitably big grin and hugs and kisses (even Eskimo kisses, which are something usually reserved for daddy) It was a sweet reunion.

And now we are home. Seahawks won against the Packers, all is well in the world, and we are settling in for a quiet night. Levi is finally settled to sleep. I think the changes in crib location as well as the excitement of the day made it tricky to get to sleep but he's out now and I hope he will be down for the night. He slept through for Gma and Gpa which was such a relief.

Marriage is a journey. It is something to invest in. A strong marriage is the greatest gift we can give our children. Its too easy to just be parents and forget about being spouses, lt alone people outside that. I think this time was also a reminder to us that we need to cultivate our marriage and our individual passions in a more intentional way so that we model full lives to Levi and offer something of substance to one another.

These days away also offered an opportunity to take a pic of my ever growing belly. Its crazy for just (almost) 14 weeks but it is what it is. Hoping the growth from here will be less aggressive :) The first picture is at Stanley Park and th second is on the balcony of our hotel room high up in the Vancouver skyline.

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