Friday, April 11, 2014

Dear Levi - Twenty Months Old

Baby boy - You are twenty months old! Despite telling me over and over you are only eighteen months :)

You have settled into a great routine again this month. Consistently sleeping through the night, starting bedtime a little after 7pm and falling asleep by yourself (after stories and songs) by around 8pm. You sleep until 6.30 or 7am and then nap from around 1 to 3pm. It's nice to feel as though you are somewhat predictable again.

Your days are busy, busy, busy, regardless of what we are doing.

Your play has evolved too and its so much fun to watch you. You love your train set and play around and around pushing the carriages and especially pushing them in and out of the "nunnel" brings you such delight.

You imagination ha really started to come out too. You pinch your fingers to pick up the tiny basket ball drawn on the paper and throw it into the hoop drawn next to it. Or you can throw an imaginary ball across the room and catch it when it's thrown back to you! You also like to drive in your little car and go to "Darbucks" to get me a mocha or Daddy a latte at the drive up window (or backwards facing dining room chair). You have started to act out some of the things you see on your shows on TV too. You stand on a box to rescue your kitty stuffed animal  that you have put on a bookshelf like in Postman Pat, or xix everything as Bob the Builder. We have to reign you in a little when you really get going with your toy hammer!

You have adopted a few other cute habits too, eating your raspberries by sticking your finger in them - as taught by Grandpa is just one. You have stopped wanting to be rocked to sleep but now you ask to be laid down in your crib "in the bed" and then ask us to rub your back as we sing Bob the Builder or the theme to Postman Pat. It is hard to make those tunes sound soothing but you don't seem to mind.

You continue to grow up in the sweetest of ways. We sit at the table for dinner and you request, "Amen" for us to say grace. You also started taking your snack to the table and wanting to say grace for that too. We should be thankful for more in our days and I hope we continue to foster in you as you get older.

You are a sweet big brother most of the time but you have also been testing boundaries. I am looking forward to the day when Nora can fend for herself but for now we will continue to remind you to have gentle hands.

You are testing boundaries in other ways too sweet boy. Some of the time seeking attention when we are doing something with your sister but other times it is just you figuring out life. You climb on the chair in the hallway and play with light switches and the setting for the porch light - it drives your Daddy insane, and you also pull out the wooden security bars in the windows to be your "bats".

You love every type of sport right now. Bats and balls are without doubt the toys of the moment.

You love to jump off the couch and pile cushions gathered from all over the house to soften your landing and squeal with delight at every leap. It's a good thing the weather is getting brighter and we have been able to take you to the beach to dig (another fave past time) and to the park as well as just playing and running in the yard. Our house is not going to survive without the respite of some time outside.

This month you rode your first bike. Its a little Kinderbike that Daddy found for you and its a balance bike. You are adorable with your sweet helmet perched on your head as you teeter across the driveway.

As the weather is improving we have been outside more and your favourite adventure at the moment is to walk to the lake front by our house, to go to the beach and throw "wocks" in the "wawer". Your language is increasing day by day as you take in the world around you. You have been fascinated watching the men build the house across the street and your construction vocab is probably your largest, naming machinary and playing with your trucks as the "digger dumps de dirt in the dump druck".

You are really not a baby anymore, you are growing into a little boy and I love to see it happening before my eyes every day!

Love you xx

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