Monday, April 14, 2014

Dear Nora - Two Months Old

Nora Grace,

This is your two month update. I cannot believe it.

You are still an incredible sleeper little one, during the day you seem to have a long 2.5-3hr nap in the morning - this often means you fall asleep before we get to a playdate and wake up after we got home, I promise you did leave the house, even if you don't remember it! - you then have a feed and are awake for a little while before another long nap in the afternoon, and another later in the day.

You are a little less settled in the evenings and want to cluster feed. I can get dinner on the table but you often want to eat while we are eating :) It's only fair, I suppose. Most of the evening you are feeding or sucking on your pacifier and taking cat naps. Around 10.30 or 11pm you settle for the night in your bassinet and are frequently doing 4 hours but have managed 5 and 6 a few times too. You are in the bassinet a lot but often when you are struggling to settle I just snuggle you close and you quickly fall asleep.

We have figured out your nursing too and while we still use the nipple shield for a few minutes at the start of the feeding you are able to finish the feed without it. I love snuggling with you while you eat. It is a whole new ball game to care for an infant with a toddler running around but those moments of nursing you close to me and seeing your little hand gripping at my shirt is a time when we get to just be still and together.

In your awake time you are getting more interactive. You look around and take in your environment, you love the contrasting black and white stripes on your baby chair and study the hanging toys very carefully. You get excited when your hands hit the toys and make them jingle or your feet that never stop moving hit one and make it swing. I love to watch your face as you start to learn about the world around you.

Your crowing achievement in your second month has been to learn how to smile and its amazing. So adorable as it lights up your whole face. It's clear that you are proud of yourself when you figure it out too.

You are not afraid to share your opinion when you are in need of food or a clean nappy, not to mention if you happen to be holding you in a position you don't appreciate, but these loud bursts are short and for the most part you are my mellow girl. Your sweet spirit is beautiful to see and I am so glad to see it coming out more and more each day.

You are my sweet girl and I love you so much,

Mama x


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