Sunday, June 22, 2014

About to get crazy

We have finally settled into some sort of routine as a family of 4. I am still careful about the tings I commit to  when I have the babies by myself, but am getting more and more confident as the months go by and the kids get bigger. So of course, moving house is the next thing we are going to tackle?! What:?!

I know, I know, maybe it's not the best timing but honestly, we have never done things in an order or in a timeline that seems practical so it's in keeping with our family tradition, I guess!

Personally, I am looking forward to finding a new forever" home, with a back yard that we can use so Levi can be outside to his heart's content and I can empty my living room of some of the bigger toys and some of his fleet of vehicles. I am excited to find the space our kids will remember as the place they grew up, and the rooms they will remember as their own.

In the same thought, I get so sad about the reality of leaving this house. The place where we came home to as a married couple, the place we brought our babies home to and all the memories in between. Every room holds such wonderful memories of times shared with friends and family and I will be so sad to leave, even though we are prayerfully anticipating something that works better with us. Especially because in this market we will be selling and leaving to somewhere temporary before we (God willing) find something new. That's a daunting prospect. That and the packing. Ugh, the packing!! Good grief, even the thoguth of that fills me with dread.

I am trying to have a good attitude about it and see it as a possibility to de-clutter. I refuse to take junk with us. If we haven't used it since we have been in this house, its gone. All those unpacked boxes in the attic are toast. Plus just the clutter that accumulates, I am so, so determined not to fill our new space like we have this time.

We are finishing off our bathroom remodel and then it's go. go. go!!

Pray for us! :)

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  1. Sending prayers your way! We just moved out of our first house and I cried like a baby the day we finally moved everything out and into our new place, it was much harder than I anticipated! I hope the whole process goes very smoothly and quickly for y'all!



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