Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dear Nora - Four months old


You are getting so big! Growing and changing every day. You are a delight.

You have started drooling like a champ, I have never seen anyone get their shirt wet all the way down to their belly button before but you manage it with ease most days. I think we might start to see some teeth making an appearance soon. You just love when I rub your gums with my finger and your eyes kinda glaze over  as a big smile appears on you face :)

You are desperate to roll! You don't really love tummy time at the moment and you usually spit up when we do it, but when you lay on your back under your playgym you are starting to really want to flip yourself over.

You have started talking so much this month, cooing and gurgling and shouting, its a joy to hear. Even though that too can seem to make you spit up. All those throat muscles don't quite understand what you are making them do.

You and Levi have started really loving on each other too. You smile and talk for him more easily than anyone else. When he is in the room your bright eyes follow his every move and when he snuggles you or kisses you you just smile and coo. It warms my heart to see.

You have grown so much. Weighing in at your appointment yesterday at 14lbs exactly (50%) and in the 90% for height. You are well and truly into size 3-6 months now and even some of them are a bit snug so we have pulled out some 6 month clothes too.

You are still a great sleeper. We have started putting you down to bed between 7 and 8pm but I am thinking we might need to make it earlier. You wake a couple of time at night ti nurse once around 1am and then again at around 4 or 5am before waking around 7am for the day. However, with your brother disturbing your sleep sometimes its more frequent. You are outgrowing your bassinet too and soon we will ahev to transfer you to a pack and play while we figure out a permanent space.

You are still very ticklish and you laugh and laugh, it's so cute and especially when it makes you gurgle. You make yourself laugh a lot when you are on your playmat, kicking your feet and batting at the dangling toys until you find one you can get into your mouth which makes you even more excited.

Love you snuggle bug,

Mama x

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  1. She is beautiful! So glad she and Levi are doing so well!



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