Saturday, June 7, 2014

The days of summer

The recent sunny days have been such a spirit lifter. I continue to have many days where I feel like I am struggling to keep my head above water juggling the babies and the house and still trying to find time for J and for myself. They are getting fewer and further between which is wonderful but they still come around.

Something about the warmth and light of the sunshine elevates the beauty of where we live to another level, the city comes alive in a new way, and the days just seem to go more smoothly when we can spend time outdoors. Opportunities to meet up with friends at the park or a splash pad or wading pool mean that I feel more able to be out with both kids. Its amazing how different and managable the park feels with 2 or 3 mamas and a gaggle of kiddos rather than just me with my two. Plus, I get to go to the bathroom if I need to when there is another pair of eyes to watch out for my babes.

Our back garden is less than ideal for a little explorer like Levi but with the addition of the wading pool, some new trucks and some of his fleet of ride on bikes and cars and he's usually satisfied to stay put for a while and Nora is quite happy to while away the hours on a blanket in the shade of the fence.

It's the simple times that make me smile the biggest. Recently Nora has decided that Levi is her most favourite person and watches him intently, sparkling a smile if he looks in her direction and cooing ad jabbering to get his attention. He has also decided she is pretty cool. He loves to kiss her and hold her and likes to try to pick her up if she is crying, telling her "come 'ere sweetheart" (we continue to remind him that only mummy and daddy are allowed to do that. He finds her so funny - not to mention how impressed he is with her poopy blowouts, "nasty boogers" and projectile puking "eeeeooooouww, Nora puked on mummy" can be heard often in our house with a tone of gleeful excitement.

I'm looking forward to some more lazy, fun-filled days this summer. And I'm thankful for such a great community of other mummies and cute babies to spend our days with. It's so much friendlier with two - as Pooh says :)

Below - Enjoying some watermelon after some serious bike riding - check out the helmet hair! And Nora and her boyfriend Malachi (and his mummy) flirting in the sunshine. Boy, I love these babies. 

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