Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Parenting in between the raindrops

Last night I worked on the ecliptical that has been collecting dust in our garage since Nora was conceived. It felt so good and it seemed to spur me on to a good can-do attitude this morning.
The sun was shining through the kitchen  window as Levi helped me make us a smoothie for breakfast but I had heard the weather report was for scattered showers so I knew the sun would be gone soon.
Once everyone was fed I gathered up a stupid amount of stuff 'just incase' packed the kids in the car and headed to our local park. We usually walk but with the weather being what it was I didn't want to get caught in a shower. Levi took some convincing that we were actually going to the park when he was being packed into his car seat, but somehow I persuaded him to let me do up his buckle and we headed out.
Nora has been consistently sleeping for a few hours in the morning so I anticipated being able to be hands on with Levi. Of course she decided to be on the 10 minute cat nap program so it was a more stressful than I had expected but we managed to have fun.
I had taken a towel to wipe off all the equipment which was soaked from the nights rainstorm (a few mummy points, right?) Levi had a blast "runnin and jumpin" his new favourite past time.
I managed to pacify Nora enough to feel lime I wasn't a terrible parent for bring her out on this somewhat blustery day.
Then our friends met us to play at the park for a little while too. Levi loved having friends to play with and his squeals and laughter were balm to my stress filled heart. 
We managed an hour of outside time before the heavens opened. Thankfully we were already getting in the car so no one got too wet. That's the fun of living where we do.
The guilt of putting Levi's needs ahead of Nora's is still heavy on my heart. She took a while to finally settle and is sleeping hard now as I type. Hoping to get some good playtime in with her once she wakes up.
After lunch and a clean bum (for Levi!), Levi and I went up to his room, read a couple of stories, sang a few songs. I had to go and respond to Nora who had woken up crying, so I left Levi and he managed to put himself to sleep! Small victories.

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  1. You're such a good mom! It's so hard managing two children that are so young, especially when you are out somewhere like a park. I still struggle with taking my two out by myself, I get overwhelmed and flustered very easily! I'm glad you guys had fun despite getting a little stressed out!



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