Monday, October 18, 2010

Fog is lifting

Feeling full of purpose today. Deciding that the 'end of summer woes' needed their butt kicked. So today I got up and worked out, that felt like a good start! Feeling like life is a little stagnant right now, like we are in a time of waiting and we are stuck. Waiting for next week for our test results, and waiting for new appointments, new tests and more results after that. Waiting to find out if we can have a baby of our own. Waiting for the next phase of our lives together to begin.

And while none of that goes away in our hearts, it has to go away in the way we wait. We can be passive, and simply sit back. Sit day in and day out and wait. Or we can chose to embrace fully the gifts of today. We truly have so much.

In our 'waiting' we have somehow started to move apart. In embracing the time we have just us, we get closer. Yesterday after church (and after the Seahawk game - more thoughts to come about this whole football widow thing) we went to lunch. It was a beautiful sunny fall day here in the Emerald City and I really wanted to make the most of what could be one of the last sunny days we have. What better way to enjoy some PNW beauty than by eating by the water, and when Jeremy suggested Agua Verda it all just made sense!

We got a table on the deck, in the bright, warm sunshine, overlooking the lake watching the boats and the kayaks, eating delicious food and sipping down a Margarita. This was really just a perfect moment, time to share about our lives, and make the effort to engage one another. Small steps make a hug difference in the way we communicate and the way we love each other.

Tonight I am having some ladies over to craft a little and make some cards. I love to make my own greeting cards but finding time can be my downfall. Actually, making time can be my downfall. I have been out of my stock pile cards for a while, so tonight I will replenish it while having fun times with fun ladies. Another kick in the pants for the fall blues! As the nights get darker, I feel so un-motivated to call people up and make plans, so I know myself well enough to try and get some things on the calendar before the night time dark zaps my creative energies!

Ok, fog has lifted, in my heart, head, body and literally...outside the sun is shining again. I now need to get my homework groove on so I have time later to set things up for tonight. It's going to be a good week, if the days all pan out like this one.

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  1. Hi Chrissie, Totally a post I needed to hear today.- I've been feeling "stuck" too. So ready to sell our house and start our dream of building again. But in the meantime, I really need to be content, happy, and productive, and I confess, I have not been. I didn't know that you like to make cards! So do I! In fact I have a whole stamping blog. I only post to it about twice a week, but it's still fun to share ideas. Hope you're having a great day, ~K



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