Monday, September 5, 2011


There are moments when I sit back and realise how easily a day has gone by. This was one of those days. Ironic that it would be Labor Day here in the US because it has felt decidedly un-work like!

This morning we slept in a little bit, I got up first and took some time out to catch up on reading blogs that I haven't checked in on for a bit and J stayed sleeping. When he did get up about 45 minutes later he came down stairs and made us smoothies for breakfast. They were delicious and a healthy, guilt free start to the day! (side note: I always eat better through the day if I start with healthy breakfast. If I take my time getting up in the morning and graze on whatever I find in the, chocolate or frosting or some other un breakfast-y alternative [please don't judge me], then I never seem to get back on a good eating track.

Then we called a friend and made a plan to be out in the GORGEOUS sunshine later in the day which gave us impetus to cross off some things on our house 'to do' list. We got out our green card paper work in order, and almost ready to go. That will be so nice to get off our list!
Put some of my old school books on amazon to sell (and by tonight we had made $80 selling one of the bigger text books. Score)

We were able to do a bunch of little things that have been lingering for way too long and then we headed to green lake to treat ourselves with some frozen yogurt and some time in the sunshine. We even met up with our lovely friends Tim, Sarah and Lucy at the playground for a while which made our outing more enjoyable.

In seasons of stress and tension marriage can be tough. We feel blessed that our marriage has weathered the stress of infertility without too much damage but we have had days, even weeks when we just can't seem to get on the same page. We stopped believing the best in one another and instead chose to quickly believe the worst. I think bickering would be the best word to describe it.

We wanted to work as a team, but struggled to always be the best team mate to one another in the midst of all the emotions flying around. Our trip to Napa, time away together seemed to re set our relational balance or something and this weekend felt like proof of that. We fitted lots into the past few days but now we are sitting here sharing stories, laughing, looking forward to the week.

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