Saturday, September 17, 2011

Woven by His Hands

On Tuesday night, J and I went to our church to participate in the Adoption/Foster care group. We continue to praise God for the provision and support we find within our church community, and this group is just another way that community and sharing life is fostered.

There we about 12 couples who were there, some with children and some at different stages of the waiting process. It felt comforting to look around the room and see familiar faces, couples that I had been in small groups with at various times over the years, friends who have shared different life experiences with me even before I was married. It seems like God was building this community and establishing relationships with like-minded people journeying the path of adoption even before I had met the man who would be my partner in life. I can see God's plan being woven into my life and it fills my heart with hope for the future.

It was the first meeting since the summer break and we started by sharing our stories. Some off those who had been in the group before had exciting updates to share and it was fun to imagine that one day we could be one of those families sharing stories of how our children came into our lives as an encouragement to others just starting out on the journey.

Just today I read this story on a blog I follow where a friend shared that she got a message that read something like "My friend gave me your email I am 20 weeks pregnant and heard you might be open to adopting my baby" Seriously?! I mean, I am assuming that they did some investigation to ensure her credibility and a genuine friend was the connection before being so excited but how crazy/amazing/awesome is that!?!

This blogger had recently felt like God told her and her husband not to accept an offer from their clinic for a free IVF treatment. This seemed so crazy to me but I can hear in her post that they trust this little baby girl was the reason. It fills my heart with awe that God works in such a detailed way in our lives. Yes, we are pursuing adoption though Bethany Christian Services but in my heart I couldn't shake the feeling that we could be 'missing' our baby if we limited ourselves to just one agency. I know this might sound crazy, but it was a genuine fear that my heart was wrestling with. Reading Amy's story reminded me that if we are following where God is leading, being obedient to the things he asks us to do - and not to do - His plan will come to be.

If it is his plan that our child comes to us through our agency, then that is what will happen. But He is not limited! If he destines that our baby comes to us through a connection through our friends or community then he will make that happen too. Our obedience will not obstruct His will. I guess I just needed to see that picture of the tapestry that God is creating with our lives. Intertwined in ways we can't see, and ways we don't understand - yet - to be reminded (again) that it is truly in His hands.

We completed our formal adoption and now begin the Home Study process...I am hopeful we can get it done and out of the way before the holidays so we can enjoy those in a blissful state of trusting it's in God's hands!


  1. That's so amazing! I read a story just this week of a family who adopted (and is going to adopt again) through facebook of all places! They put up and ad and got a response from a friend who had a friend who needed a family to adopt her baby. How neat, the way God can use technology and anything really to orchestrate things!

  2. I just heard a story like this as well. One of my moms friends has a grandaughter that has struggled with infertility. They had just started the adoption process when a family friend came forward and said my teen daughter is pregnant and she has decided to put the baby up for adoption when it born. She wanted the baby to go to someone she "knows". They have already gone to an ultrasound with the teen. God has a plan,we just have to be open to it!



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