Monday, December 2, 2013

And onto Christmas

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I can't believe the holiday is already over! This year there is no slow descent into Christmas because of the way the way the dates fell we are already into December and the jingle bells can be heard all around.

We put up our tree and decorations on Saturday in time for having friends over for dinner. Levi was fascinated by the tree and especially delighted by the lights. We have sparse decorations hanging this year, partly because our ball obsessed little tyke would not be able to control himself around the baubles and the wire hooks are sharp so we decided not to tempt him. We have some cloth and wooden ornaments hanging, all kid friendly if they somehow find their way into little hands - or mouths!

I love the buzz of anticipation which surrounds this Advent time of year. It seems only fitting as we wait to celebrate the birth of Jesus. I look forward to cookie exchanges and visiting neighbourhood light displays. I hope that in years to come we will develop more traditions that Levi and our baby girl will come to associate with this time of year but for this year, we are going to keep it simple. Levi is not a fan of the cold and he still goes to bed so early that many of the traditions are outside the realm of possibility for this year anyway,

I'm working my way down our Christmas shopping list - thankful for online shopping these days!

I am so close to the end of my class I can almost taste it! I have an online quiz to take tonight, one more piece of homework to hand in a final on campus next Monday! I cannot wait to be done. I feel as though I can regain some of my life. I may have dropped most social activities since the quarter started and look forward to making plans, and seeing friends.

Thismorning we spent a few hours at a great local cafe called Mosaic that has a kids play area with a door so parents can connect while kids play but without having to run off and catch little ones mid sentence :) Well, almost! Levi needed help up the little slide and needed to be rescued from falling off the little train table he insisted on climbing on over and over. He passed out in the car on the way home, and he usually transfers pretty well but he was so out that I even changed his diaper and put on comfy pants for him to sleep in as well as taking off his fleece over his head and he didn't move.

This afternoon - 
We are heading to the grocery store - usually our Monday morning adventure but we postponed to have our playdate. Then tonight, watching the Seahawk game and taking my quiz for school and finalising our Christmas card template.

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