Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day 4 - Time

I failed to take a picture today - but imagine the scene, Levi in the stroller, me, armfuls of red and white wrapped packages standing in line for AGES in a crowded post office as the afternoon sky began to darken. Click!


In the post office, time can seem to stand still. I had waited until I had all my packages ready to go to England before I took the plunge and stood in the festive line to mail our gifts. I knew it would be cringe-worthy! Mailing things internationally means they have to manually input everything into the computer which takes FOREVER! USPS, there must be a more efficient system?!

Anyway, 40 minutes later and everything is heading on its way across the ocean ready to be put under Christmas trees :) What a lovely feeling to cross that off the list. Now I just have to shop for friends and family here...I need a few days to get over the Post Office experience before I venture to the mall :)

This post is short and sweet but I leave you with a couple of pictures from the maternity shoot that we did this weekend. 

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