Saturday, December 14, 2013

Traditions, traditions, 'tis the season

Oh, how I love the Advent season!! The build up to Christmas seem to really start once the traditions begin. We are blessed with friends who plan the most lovely events so my lack of party hosting doesn't effect us negatively :)

Having Levi with us certainly makes it more interesting. Coming and going around nap times and making sure that we have enough diapers or food to make sure he has lunch or dinner at the right time as well as the right toys to keep him amused. :) Lots more to think about and keep track of than in previous years I think we started the day with the diaper bag, a food bag and one with entertainment along with the box of ginger cookies I had made for the cookie exchange that was our second port of call.

We started the day with breakfast at the Christmas movie marathon that starts early and goes late. In previous years I have managed almost all the movies but this year, we managed one and a trivia game in between. Levi's little buddy was there too so the two of them made fast work of finding lots to get into while being the cutest of distractions from "The Grinch who stole Christmas" :)

I am not sure that movie watching and 16 month old babies are the best combination but it was fun to see some friends that we haven't got to see in a while - some since last years marathon!
Most people wear PJ's to this event, its fun to snuggle under a blanket for the viewing but this year Levi was the only one of us who did. We were going straight to another event and if I'm honest, my sleep attire this pregnancy is far from festive and not socially appropriate so that sealed the deal!

Then onto The cookie exchange our dear friends Tim and Sarah host, and Levi gets to see another favourite buddy, Henry. They we both so cute in their vests! Perfect for the celebration.  And when it was nap time we headed out with a huge pile of cookie and treat loot! Delicious. As Levi slept, Jeremy and I drank tea, and made a good head way with the treat consumption. 

After the nap we headed back to the movies for Levi to cause a little more chaos and to catch Home Alone 2 (one of my very favourites).

All in all a fabulous and festive day. Christmas is comin' folks, there is no denying it :)

[In his Christmas jammies at the movie marathon]


  1. Awww, he is just adorable! I'm so glad you guys had fun at all your Christmas get togethers! My favorite Christmas movie is a tie between home alone 2 and elf- both are hilarious!



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