Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pajama day!

So my funk continued yesterday despite my best efforts to shake out of it. Walking around Greenlake, fun coffee date, World Market trip to get coffee tables served as a good distraction but my heart was still heavy.

So today I am taking a different approach. I declare this Pajama day! It is 10.30am and I am tying this from my bed. I have eaten a yummy bowl of oatmeal and have already finished and ordered the Shutterfly book I made of our honeymoon (I got it with a great Groupon deal from a few months ago - yay, Groupon!) I have completed an extra credit assignment for school, thrown in a load of laundry and have chased my doctor's office to have them send my records to the fertility clinic which they have not yet done - Please say a prayer they send them ASAP so our new doctor will have them for our visit tomorrow. All that to say, despite of my apparent sloth I have been very productive.

It is cozy and warm here in my bedroom but I can hear the rain hammering against my window and the skylight. I have lots of things to check off my list today, I wonder how many I can accomplish before I have to get dressed? That sounds like a challenge to me.

This is an afterthought really but I am just starting to venture out in cooking with my crock pot. We got a fabulous 6.5qt slow cooker for our wedding and until this weekend, had only used it to make a catch of apple butter. This was amazing apple butter, don't get me wrong but I knew I was not using this fantastic machine to it's full potential. Last weekend, Jeremy and his dad had worked hard to install can lights in our TV room which is attached to our kitchen. I knew it would be a dusty day so I thought it wold be a prefect scenario to throw things in the CP in the morning, let it cook dust-free all day and then be able to serve a scrummy meal in the evening. I found a recipe online which sounded mouth-watering and put the wheels in motion for our CP dinner debut. It was a Guinness Beef stew. I tweaked the recipe a bit but I heard you couldn't really go wrong with a CP.

It really was as easy as everyone had said and served with a green salad and warm rosemary olive oil bread, made a very satisfying meal after a day of hard work. I think I will start a weekly tradition of using the CP as my sous chef. Please pass on any good recipes that you have.

P.S. Take that funk. I can add 'wrote a blog' to my list of things accomplished. HA.


  1. I'm sorry, i read this AFTER i hauled you out of bed and out of your jammies out into the rain on a northgate scavenger hunt!! You looked so beautiful and glowing (not the pregnant kind, but the beauty of the love of Jesus kind), that I was surprised to hear you were still rathar "funkful". Now, get back to accomplishing your tasks, FUNK-FREE! ;-) love you!!

  2. I'd love your recipe for that stew ... because, in my experience, you actually CAN go very, very wrong with a crock pot. I have a CP cookbook and I've had a few disasters from it, so I prefer recipes from friends! And: I fully support pajama days! Good for the soul.

  3. This is a link to the recipe I used, or at least based what I made on. It really was delicious!

  4. opps...here's the link

  5. Oh definitely post any recipes you find that are good! I never can find any good ones!

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  7. Hi Chrissie! You've been tagged over at Windy Poplars today in "The Holiday Tea Party"! Hope you have fun joining in the festivities! Enjoy your weekend to the max (way to kick the funk in the you-know-what!)... ~K from WP



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