Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow day!

This will be short and sweet because it is a way to put off working on the inevitable, my research paper that is due tomorrow.

We are only in November and after a few flurries yesterday that turned into wet, we woke you this morning to snow on the ground, and falling flakes. Buses are on snow routes and schedules. Some schools are having snow days and all is well with the world (except for that darn paper!)

The world looks beautiful under a blanket of white. Even the most mundane views have a magic about them when snow is falling.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and I have some lovely sounding treats to whip up. I couldn't decide which dessert to make, so I am making both. A chocolate ganache tart and a cranberry blueberry pie, there are no calories on Thanksgiving right?

Here are a couple of snow pics. This 7.30am view from our bedroom window, turned much whiter by the second picture taken 10am.

The view from our front door of our front garden and driveway early this morning (first picture) on looks much different now too (same plant pot and rhodie in both pics). I LOVE snow!!

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