Sunday, December 5, 2010

Finishing strong

It is already December, December 5th to be exact. With every twinkle light I see I am reminded that we are flying towards the end of 2010. I finish my second quarter of college next week. Christmas shopping and preparations are well underway and suddenly the stress begins to rise.

The shopping becomes mundane and the crowds become a frustration. School assignments become a burden and my desire to learn is fading. My exercise routine is lacking and I realise I am not feeling so jolly.

I love Christmas and I am so blessed to be getting an education. I think a change of focus is in order. Finishing strong.

I want to finish school with the best grades I can and not just scrape by to get to the end as quick as possible. I want to remember the joy of showing others they are thought of with a special gift. I love the Christmas baking and treats, and I really love sharing them with others. I am excited to dress up for Christmas parties and still get a little thrill opening my advent calendar each morning!! I want to finish strong.

This time of hopeful expectation of all that's to come means so much more when we recognise all that we have and hold today. Happy Advent season, and happy finishing strong to you all x


  1. I'm right there with you ;) I wish you much success...hoping I can make the best of the rest of 2010 myself!

  2. I love the Christmas season but I always have to tell myself to relax and enjoy it instead of getting stressed out!



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