Friday, March 18, 2011

Hello Spring!

On the sickness front, the snot is still refusing to leave but my head is feeling much clearer today.

This weekend the first signs of spring really showed themselves. Yesterday Seattle was sunny and warm, Jeremy and I took a walk around the lake, coffee in had and watched the crew boats that were racing in a regatta. It was lovely. Then home to give our garden some well needed love! J mowed the lawn, and I pruned some of the bushes and roses. We have lots of weeds and getting rid of them is still on the to do list, but I am hoping for some more sunny days this week to get thing a bit more under control! I also have some bulbs that I am excited to plant and care for, and hopefully they will reward me in a foe months with glorious blooms.

I have one last final tomorrow, and it might be a doozy. It is a 5 hour long exam but I am hoping it won't take that long!

Then I have some Spring Break-ing to do! This will include, but will not be limited to painting (ceiling, kitchen & TV room), scrapbooking (only a couple of years behind now!), Vacation planning, spring cleaning - especially my windows (I love the spring time clean feeling!) and weather permitting being out in the garden planting bulbs, weeding and making things look pretty, planning our Easter menu - this will be my first gluten-free holiday, and I am up for the delicious challenge.

In other news, J and I do not function well on little sleep. This morning for church was an early one and we are both pretty grumpy and ready for a nap!!

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend - and are celebrating the start of spring!

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