Friday, March 11, 2011

Prayers for Japan

I cannot believe the pictures and videos that are coming from Japan this morning. Such devastation. Earthquake and tsunami, hitting with such force.

It is looking at pictures of such disaster that I am thankful to be able to pray, because I am so aware of my inability to do anything to help, or know what the needs of the people in Japan are.

I know God's heart is broken for the pain and suffering in Japan, and I trust that He hears our prayers, and their prayers, and that he will be moving through the bleakness, bringing hope into a situation that looks hopeless.

The huge scale of this natural disaster reminds me that the sore throat that I have had for the past couple of days is a minuscule glitch and does not warrant the attention I have been giving it! I am blessed to wake up in a home that still has a roof and four walls.

Today and in the coming days and weeks let's continue praying for those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. For those in power to have wisdom to know how to begin to rebuild from this, and to lead their nation in this time of fear and crisis.

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