Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Still sick - non-interesting post alert...can you tell I am bored?

Being sick with this cold has knocked me for six. I have reading to do for my classes and finals to prepare for but a pounding headache makes staring at print for too long painful.

I am not someone who likes to be alone, and not being in communication with people for the past couple of days has been tough; fist I had no voice, and now I have 40-a-day smoker voice but now my chest is so painful when I am coughing or sneezing ...or breathing! And I think I should put some warning tape around the perimeter of our house so I do not share this with any one else.

I have to say, as miserable as I am feeling my hubby has more than risen to the occasion of being my nurse.

He came home from work last night, and made dinner. Scrambled eggs and bacon for me and waffles for him...not that he was taking advantage of the situation to eat his favourite food! But bacon and scrambled eggs is my favourite so I am not complaining. And to top it off, when I went down stairs this morning to refill my tea cup I noticed that the kitchen was cleaned up - he had done all the dishes! He knows the way to my heart.

Speaking of which, after dinner I had a hankering for chocolate and there was none in our house. Trust me I searched for it. Nothing. Nada. He went out to the store and picked up a few essentials like OJ that we were needing and threw in a bag of Cadbury's mini eggs.

Sadly after I ate one, and couldn't really taste it, it didn't sound so appealing. And the fact that most of the bag is still left, sitting very close to me, is a sign of just how yucky I feel. Yesterday, I still had an appetite but today it's gone.

Hope you are all keeping healthy. I sure hope this thing starts leaving soon, because then I might be able to have a clear enough thought to blog about something more than how sick I feel!

On the plus side I did shower today which s something I have not had the energy or desire for in the past few days so things are looking up!

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