Thursday, November 3, 2011

Home Visit. Check.

The home visit went well. She didn't even bring her white gloves to wipe along my base boards to make sure they were dust-free!

She asked us questions about our marriage and parenting plans as well as taking a tour of the house. It was simple. Easy. And then it was over.

We finish our profile book and our video for our online profile and after we figure out the stupid fingerprint situation we will be officially paper pregnant.

Then we wait. And we pray. We will hear about situations and have to decide if we want our book to be shown. Pray some more. And then wait to hear if we are chosen. EEkk! Is this really about to happen?!

I am in a little bit of shock that we are here already, and eager to get the last few things finished.

Our caseworker told us that some couples find it hard right after the paperwork is done because they suddenly find themselves with nothing to do. I am not sure this will be a hard thing for us. At least in the beginning. I am excited to feel as though I can be fully head-in-the-game with school work and focusing on having some fun with my hubby!

Thank you all for your encouragement over the past few months, we truly feel as though we have not walked this road alone.


  1. Thinking and praying for you both as you start this time of waiting, but so thankful you have already gotten this far into the process. Love you.

  2. Yay!! Hoping the fingerprints work out and that you can be paper pregnant soon!!!

  3. Yay!!! I'm glad that it went so well! Looking forward to you announcing your paper pregnancy =)



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