Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Final home visit tomorrow!!

Phew! I just sat down after a long and busy day. Our re-scheduled home visit is tomorrow afternoon and the house is finally where I want it, all I have left to do is change the sheets in our bedroom and put out clean towels. i just want everything to be fresh and clean, to look lived in but not necessarily smell lived in! ha ha

I don't want to to look like I am trying hard, and she is just going to have to trust that I am a woman who is genuinely excited about the fall color m'n'm's in her candy bowl - because I am, and have been refilling the autumn gorgeousness for the past two weeks. They are not just for her sake.

I cannot believe we are here already. Here being the final home visit. Last night we went to our Babysafe CPR and first aid class which was great. Even J was raving about it. He has been really sick the past few days so I wondered if being alert for three hours in the evening would have been a struggle for him but he really seemed engaged in what was happening. That was the final thing to check off our 'to do' list and now we just have to get our book finished and as soon as our case worker writes her report from our visit tomorrow - usually about two weeks- we can be in the pool. I guess in adoption circles you call it being 'paper pregnant', meaning we are just waiting to be chosen by a birth mother.


I am in love with my life right now. This Thanksgiving we will have something beautiful to celebrate. Our journey has not been easy but we are so grateful to have journeyed it with such amazing people. Our families have been wonderful and our friends have really gone above and beyond to love us well. We are truly blessed.

See you on the flip side!

p.s. no, we have not heard any news on our fingerprints but we just heard of a way to get our next sets returned within a couple of weeks so if that's all that is left we'll pay the extra to get them back that way. I am no longer obsessing but still sending up prayers for a miracle they come back accepted and soon!


  1. Love this post and the joy that is so blatantly exploding from it! Hearing you say "I am in love with my life right now" makes me smile! Excited for your final home visit and hope that all goes well and that the m&m's that have such power over me will woo the case worker as well ;) Love you and continuously lifting up prayers on your behalf!

  2. Good Luck with the visit! I know they will just love you both! I was the same way with the house and still am lol. So excited for you!!!

  3. Saying a prayer for you guys. And if your home visit lady needs any references about how you typically keep your home, I'll be glad to vouch for you that it always looks nice and clean. ;) Love ya!

  4. so excited for you both! :) thanks for your honesty and openness in both pain and joy! you are a blessing and i am teary eyed seeing you so happy.
    love to you!

  5. Can't wait to hear how it goes!!



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